A screen grab taken from a video released on July 1, 2014, allegedly shows members of the IS (Islamic State) parading on top of a tank on a street in the northern rebel-held Syrian city of Raqa
'Abu Khalid the Canadian' urges westerners to join group, says he converted in 2010

A Canadian jihadist currently fighting alongside Islamic State (IS) in Syria said that he thinks Israeli-born Jews would be accepted to join the radical group provided they convert to Islam.

The jihadist, who goes by the surname Abu Khalid Al-Kanadi ("Abu Khalid the Canadian") made the comment earlier this week via the social media website

Al-Kanadi, who converted in 2010, responded to several other questions on the site and noted that he was born into a Canadian family but that it was easy for him to leave to go to Syria.

"They reacted mainly with confusion, not understanding why someone would leave Canada to go to a land of war," he wrote.

When asked on the website whether he would be willing to speak to a journalist, Al-Kanadi said that "journalists are responsible for the spreading of lies against the Islamic State. Is this journalist seeking to spread the message of the media outlets of the Jews, Christians, Apostates, and Hypocrites?"

The Canadian jihadist, self-described as Caucasian, also has an active Twitter account from which he spreads vitriolic statements against the United States and Jews.

"There has never been a people more racist in human history than the Jews," he said in a recent tweet. "Funny how they always cry, 'anti-semitism' [sic]."

Al-Kanadi also described America as the "land of the immoral and home of the cowards" and said that it was "evil" and "full of transvestites, pedophiles, rapists, gays, [and] prostitutes."

He also encouraged other westerners to join IS, saying "I was one of you, a disbeliever living in the West. Then I converted to Islam and joined ISIS. Praise be to Allah!"

According to Canadian intelligence service CSIS, dozens of Canadians have flown to Syria to join extremist groups and are considered to pose an "immediate" threat to national security. 

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