Omar Zayed is wanted by Israel for the 1986 murder of an Israeli yeshiva student
52-year-old fled Israel in 1990 after being sentenced to life for murder of yeshiva student

A Palestinian terrorist wanted by Israel was killed in an incident in the Palestinian embassy in Bulgaria, local media reported.

52-year-old Omar Hassan Nayef Zayed, was sentenced to life for the murder of Eliyahu Amedi, an Israeli yeshiva student, in 1986 but managed to escape from his guards during a hospital visit it 1990 and eventually made it out of the country.

After living in various Arab countries, he moved to Bulgaria in 1994 and was later granted residency.

In late December of last year, Bulgarian authorities gave Zayed 72 hours to turn himself in following a formal request for his return by Israeli authorities.

Zayed, who ran a grocery store in Sofia, fled to the PA's embassy in the Bulgarian capital and refused to leave.

"He refused to turn himself in," his brother Hamza told Al Jazeera by telephone from Amman, Jordan at the time.

Zayed is "a political fighter who defended the Palestinian cause" and he "poses no danger" to Israel today, Hamza added.

The Palestinian Authority’s minister of prisoner affairs, Issa Qaraqe, claimed Israel was behind Zayed’s death while PA President Mahmoud Abbas demanded a comprehensive probe.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry, meanwhile denied any involvement.

Zayed has been living in Sofia since 1994 and has Bulgarian residency while his wife and three children all carry Bulgarian citizenship, according to Al Jazeera.

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  • James Spackman
    February 26th 2016 - 11:16am

    Yeah this piece of muslim scum ran, but he couldnt hide...Now he is burning in hell for the murder of an innocent young jewish student....burn you b-----d burn..

    "A political fighter" my A--e he executed an innocent young man...what kind of political nonsense is this..he was a killer. a muslim terrorist killer. He is now off this planet, and certainly not entitled to his "REWARD" 72 virgins in paradise....and if anyone believes that, they are idiots...