At least eight families evacuated as heavy rains flood Gaza Strip

في خان يونس النازحون منذ حرب غزة يغرقون في المياه والسيول
Ongoing rain overwhelms fragile sewage system sending raw sewage into streets

At least eight families were forced to evacuate their homes in the Gaza Strip as heavy rains caused flooding across the coastal enclave, overwhelming the territory's beleaguered sewage system.

Basma al-Bishawi told the Assiciated Press that some residents used buckets to try to bail water from their homes "in vain" on Thursday, and that he pulled his own son from a river of sewage.

Rescuers could be seen evacuating people on small boats, while other residents waded through knee-high water to reach safety.

Israel and Egypt imposed a blockade on the Palestinian territory after the Islamic terror group Hamas seized power there in 2007.

The restrictions, and three wars between Israel and Hamas, have taken a heavy toll on Gaza's infrastructure.


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