Palestinian protesters gather in Hebron, throw shoes at Trump posters

A Palestinian flashes a victory sign in front of Israeli security forces in the West Bank town of Hebron
Hazem Bader (AFP/File)
Protesters gathered on the 23rd anniversary of the closure of Hebron's main road, after 1994 mosque massacre

Dozens of Palestinians and foreign activists gathered in the West Bank city of Hebron on Friday, protesting US president Donald Trump and his perceived anti-Palestinian policies by  throwing shoes at posters plastered with Trump’s image, a move considered a supreme insult in Arab culture.

Protesters gathered on the 23rd anniversary of the closure of the flashpoint city’s main road, Shuhada, after an Israeli settler, Baruch Goldstein opened-fire inside Al Ibrahimi Mosque and killed 29 worshippers.

In 1994, during the second Intifada, the IDF closed the road and more than 500 Hebron shops, most of them along the deserted Shuhada (martyrs) Street near the old town, according to a local planning official.

The road has been a common point of clashes among Arabs and Israelis living in the city, Hebron being the scene of regular hostilities between the Palestinian majority and small population of Jewish settlers.

In protest of Trump’s believed unequal treatment of Palestinians, the demonstrators gathered around posters of the US president, chanting and throwing shoes, reported Reuters.  

"Today, we are here to send a message to the Trump administration, that we exist. We deserve full rights as everybody in the world,”  said Issa Amr, coordinator of Youth Against Settlements which organized the event.

“We disrespect this president who does not see us as equal human beings with everyone.”

“Today, he will get [these] shoes which [were] made in Hebron. It is a Palestinian product, this is a Palestinian product, he will get it in his face, him and anybody supporting him," he continued.

Another protester, Munther Amireh, called for Shahada street to be reopened, according to Reuters.

"Years after the massacre of al-Ibrahimi mosque and the continuous closures on the city of Hebron, we came here to raise our voice to call for the opening of Shuhada street, Tal al-Rumieda, and to be with the residents of this area who refused to leave," he said.

Hebron is home to nearly 200,000 Palestinians and 700 Jews under army protection, who live in some 80 settler homes in the town’s center.

The IDF fired tear gas at the crowd to break up the protest.

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