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Suspects reportedly executed without trial for 'acting suspiciously' and having Israel SIM cards

Hamas has executed over 30 alleged collaborators with Israel in the past few days, according to Palestinian media reports.

The reports said that the suspects were caught in the Shejaiya neighborhood in northen Gaza and summarily executed. Among the evidence for their collaboration were telephones with SIM cards from an Israeli cell phone provider.

In the past, Hamas has come under fire from human rights groups for executing suspected collaborators without a trial. Sometimes Gazans are accused of being collaborators based on mere rumor and at other times those who fall out of favor with Hamas are deemed collaborators and executed.

Last week, the Palestinian daily Al-Quds reported that collaborators were spotted firing tracer bullets near homes that Israel wanted to target, among other suspicious activity.


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  • Ori Marom
    August 05th 2014 - 08:57pm

    How can Hamas be a freedom fighter if it doesn't take care of its own people?

  • שלמה שלמה
    July 30th 2014 - 03:16pm

    Nancy Pelosi said yesterday in TV interviews that Hamas is a Humaniterian organisation.
    Seems obama is clearing the ground for Hamas to stay.

  • Niall Conneely
    July 30th 2014 - 10:22am

    What's the source of the report? The pic is ancient not current. In this war the Israelis kill civilians and the Palestinian resistance are killing soldiers. It's like the Warsaw ghetto in 1944 when the Jews fought the Germans from sewers and bunkers. It's an ingenious development for the tiny Hamas 'army' to use to resist the massive IDF. It would remind one of the tunes of Cu Chi in Vietnam. The IDF are absolutely terrified of another Gilad Shalit incident. The tunnels also offer the resistance the military advantage that the IDF must constantly watch it's back as well as manning a front line, thus requiring additional resources as well as constantly testing the nerve of its troops.

  • jerry douglas
    July 30th 2014 - 08:55am

    it just baffles my mind how our so called leaders are blaming Israel for this clamity.
    i say keep going Israel, go baby go

  • jerry douglas
    July 30th 2014 - 08:50am

    hamas, the modern day nazis

  • Scared Anonymous
    July 30th 2014 - 04:49am

    Nothing but a biker's gang. Imagine your government being run by Hell's Angels.

  • Robert Rabinoff
    July 29th 2014 - 10:11am

    Unbelievable -- 30 more "civilian casualties" and all Israel's fault!