Israeli Air Force kills four IS operatives who fired at IDF troops from Syria

De la fumée vue depuis les hauteurs du Golan, s'élève le 10 septembre 2016 au dessus du village syrien de Jubata al-Khashab
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hailed the actions of the IDF

The Israeli military killed four Islamic State operatives on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights Sunday morning after a number of mortar shells were fired at Israeli troops along the border.

The mortars that were fired landed near the border fence between Israel and Syria, and the army was checking which side of the border they landed on.

At the same time, IDF soldiers reported hearing gunshots at the border.

No injuries were reported and no damage was caused.

Field workers and residents were told to evacuate the area near the border until calm can be restored.

The army was investigating whether the fire intentionally targeted the Israeli soldiers or was spillover from the civil war in Syria.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hailed the actions of the IDF saying, "I want to commend our soldiers who pushed back against the attack carried out against us."

"We are prepared against any enemy that threatens us on our northern border, and do not give ISIS a foothold for their war in Syria," he added.

Spillover from the civil war in Syrian has crossed into Israeli territory on a number of occasions, usually in the form of mortar and projectile fire, causing damage but no injuries.

While most were presumed to be stray shots, Israel has accused Syria of aiming at Israeli targets on several occasions, briefly returning fire.

The IDF has said that it holds the Syrian regime, led by President Bashar al-Assad, responsible for any aggression coming from its territory.


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