Israeli drone crashes in West Bank, Palestinians return it to army

Israeli soldiers of the Skylark I-LE in the Negev Desert learning how to operate the Skylark drone, January 21, 2013
IDF Spokesperson

The Israeli army announced on Tuesday morning that a Skylark drone had crashed near the West Bank city of Nablus, and was returned to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) via the Civil Administration governing body. There were no concerns of leaked intelligence as a result of the incident.

The miniature manually-launched intelligence-gathering drone is made by Israeli defense company Elbit, has been in use by the IDF since 2008.


In May and July, Skylarks crashed in the Gaza Strip, in incidents which the army claimed did not lead to any compromise of intelligence.

In March, the Syrian army claimed that it had downed a Skylark within its territory with the IDF later admitting that the device had "fallen."


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