Former Israeli army chief's computer hacked in Iranian cyberattack

President Barack Obama ordered a new sanctions program which could block assets of US and foreign hackers and of companies that seek to profit from cyberattacks
Thomas Samson (AFP/File)
Around 1,800 computers were targeted in the attack, many belonging to current and former senior army officers

Iran's Revolutionary Guards were able to gain access to the private computer of a former Israeli army chief of staff as part of a cyberattack targeting dozens of computers last year, Israel's Channel 10 news reported on Tuesday.

According to the report, the attack primarily targeted Israeli security officials in a bid to extract sensitive security information.

However, the full extent of the damage resulting from the attack is not yet clear.

Approximately 1,800 Israeli computers were targeted in the attack, many belonging to current and former senior army officers, during which Iran successfully accessed a former army chief of staff's personal computer, Channel 10 reports.

The Iranian hacker accidentally left his email address behind during the attack, allowing Israeli security to trace his identity.

The attacker, Yassir Blahai, admitted that he did not act independently, but rather, as part of a coordinated effort with other hackers.

"Blahai admitted that he did not act on his own, but on behalf of another cyber organization that commissioned the work," Ron Davidson, head of intelligence and research at the Checkpoint cybersecurity firm, told Channel 10.

According to a study carried out in 2012, Israel "may be the most heavily targeted country in the world -- by hostile hackers, non-state actors, and states -- with as many as a thousand web attacks per minute".


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