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Tapuach Junction after attempted stabbing attack on October 19, 2016
Female attacker said to attempt attack before being killed by security forces

A Palestinian woman was shot dead on Wednesday afternoon after approaching border police with a knifeat Tapuach Junction in the West Bank, Israeli police said.

No other injuries were reported.

Police identified the attacker as a resident of Asira Al-Shimaliya, a village north of Nablus, which is located near the junction.

Also known as Zaatara junction, it has been the site of a number of violent incidents.

The Palestinian health ministry said "a woman was killed after being shot by the occupation forces at Zaatara checkpoint."

The incident comes as Jews celebrate Sukkot, a week-long holiday that has led to tensions with the Palestinians in the past.

Violence since October 2015 has killed 36 Israelis, two Americans, one Jordanian, an Eritrean and a Sudanese national, according to an AFP count.

At least 234 Palestinians were also killed, most while carrying out attacks at the time, according to Israeli authorities.

(Staff with AFP)

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