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The American Consulate in west Jerusalem
Sources claim consulate's chief security officer, Dan Cronin, discriminates against Israeli employess

The American Consulate in Jerusalem has decided to hire and arm 35 Palestinian security guards from East Jerusalem to be employed as escorts to American diplomats' convoys in the West Bank, Israeli news site Ynet reported Wednesday.

The plan, initiated by the consulate's chief security officer, Dan Cronin, is a breach of a 2011 agreement between the consulate and the Israeli government, which determined that only former Israeli combat soldiers hired by the consulate would be allowed to carry weapons.

The American consulate does employ guards from East Jerusalem but they have not been armed up until now.

Three Israeli security guards have recently quit in protest of the decision, the report said.

Sources told Ynet that over the last year and half, ever since Cronin began his tenure at the Consulate, the Israelis have been discriminated against.

Employees claimed that seven Israeli guards were fired, compared to one Palestinian.

They also accused Cronin of a callous attitude towards the Israelis and of voicing pro-Palestinian remarks. "The law in Israel is merely advice to him," they said. "Cronin does what he wants. He doesn't want the Israelis in the consulate."

Furthermore, according to these sources, some of the Palestinian guards have been arrested by Israeli authorities in the past for throwing stones, or have relatives who were convicted of terrorist activity.

"The consulate's conduct is extremely biased towards the Palestinian side, and Cronin is actually raising an armed militia of Palestinians in the consulate. They're trained in weapons use, Krav Maga, and tactical driving. This is irresponsible. Who is ensuring that putting this weaponry in Palestinian hands will not lead to terror?" they wondered.

The American consulate said in response that, "The United States' consulate has complete faith in the professionalism of its staff," the consulate said in response. "We do not discuss security for our diplomatic delegation, but note that there are many inaccuracies in the claims. Furthermore, we coordinate our work with local authorities in a complete and ongoing manner."


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  • Michael Farmer
    January 19th 2015 - 12:11am

    "the two instances of settlers protesting" ..... protesting? They were throwing stones. The same offence that warrants a bullet from the IDF when Palestinians do so.

    "supposed tree-burning"? :-)

  • Geronimo
    January 18th 2015 - 05:58pm

    It's about time the US realise the unacceptable attitude of Israel towards the Palestinians. Jerusalem East is part of Palestine. It is quite a logical action to hire Palestinians to secure the Consulate and disrigard the Israeli paranoia. I hope this is only beginning of the US understanding of the genuine fascist and racial policy. Most democratic countries in Europe have understood it and Israel has lost the world sympathy already and it s only the beginning

  • Nissim Gluck
    January 18th 2015 - 09:55am

    Mike, you are correct; the two instances of settlers protesting (however unjustified) was a specific personal issue, and not a anti-palestinian issue.

    That is no comparison with outright terrorism an murder conducted by Palestinians out of sheer hatred towards Jews and Israelis. You equate stone-throwing and supposed tree-burning with murder? How quaint.

    Israel feeds the USA with intelligence and weapons technology. In return the USA pays for such services via funding. It is a two-way street.

  • Michael Farmer
    January 17th 2015 - 12:18am

    Yolanda, this incident was settlers attacking a US investigation into the destruction by settlers of olive trees planted just before Christmas.

    it wasn't an anti-palestinian demonstration.

    "The US has continually in this present administration "stirred the pot of discontent." it's the US that's keeping your heads above water with massive subsidies and support at the UN.


  • yolanda zavala
    January 16th 2015 - 03:04pm

    Mike Farmer, this incident happened after weeks, years of palestinian aggression by terror attacks. The most recent one of that time was a firebombing that left a little girl severely burned but, I see that you too are guilty of ignoring the real issue. Fact is there isn't any Gaza,the infrastructure is destroyed and a two- state solution never is or,was militarily feasible. The argument is over a swath of land the size of New Jersey. Palestinians are going to have to accept they either cohabitate in peace or, continue to act out aggressions and eventually be taken over by a vastly growing Jewish population. As for your last part of your statement; " the Israelis have been discriminated against... ever victims... ever dishonest"? Jews are and have always been discriminated against, your guilty of it now. "Ever victims"?, There are 6 million souls that can attest to that and most recently 4 more. I believe by all accounts the incident you refer to was an act out of frustration . No one was hurt from the rocks thrown at the consulate vehicle which is a far cry from the blocks of concrete that is thrown at Israelis vehicles. The US has continually in this present administration "stirred the pot of discontent."

  • Michael Farmer
    January 16th 2015 - 12:21pm

    "Settlers from the Adei Ad illegal outpost in the West Bank threw stones earlier on Friday at an American consulate convoy, which arrived at the area to examine complaints that settlers destroyed Palestinian-owned olive groves the day before." ... an example of the lawlessness of these immigrants.

    Given that there are many attacks by illegal settlers where the IDF stand idly by and just observe I would think that the Palestinian security guards will offer more professional and effective protection.

    "the Israelis have been discriminated against." ... ever victims ... ever dishonest.