Purim parade in Israeli Negev highlights festivities and environmental awareness

Each grade decides upon a theme and creates floats that represent their chosen theme. This float, created by 10th graders, showcases the 'birds' theme.
Emily Rose
High school student's Midreshet Ben Gurion create Purim parade attracting visitors from across the country

Each year, the high school students in Sde Boker's high school for environmental studies create a Purim parade called "Adluyada" for the local residents. The parade attracts visitors from across the country and all the parade floats are made from recyclable and reused materials. Each grade chooses a theme and showcases the theme through parade floats, costumes, music and dancing. This year the themes were "Day of the Dead," "Dogs," "Outer space" and "Birds." The parade took place on Friday in Midreshet Ben Gurion in Israel's Negev desert. Emily RoseEmily RoseEmily RoseEmily RoseEmily RoseEmily RoseEmily RoseEmily Rose


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