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Israeli bio company drug registers 100% success rate in treating coronavirus patients


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An Israeli nurse preparing to administer the coronavirus vaccine in Safed, Israel on February 14, 2021.
David Cohen/Flash90An Israeli nurse preparing to administer the coronavirus vaccine in Safed, Israel on February 14, 2021.

Health Ministry approves progress to Phase II clinical trial for treatment of life-saving respiratory distress

The Bonus BioGroup made a ground-breaking announcement late Wednesday that the preliminary findings from a clinical trial to examine the safety and efficacy of treatment in corona patients in life-threatening respiratory distress were "very impressive."

According to a statement released to the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, Dr Shadi Hamoud, Principal Investigator in the Clinical Trial for Respiratory Distress, Head of Research Unit and Deputy Director of the Internal Medicine Department at Rambam Medical Campus, stated: "So far, the results of the treatment with the [Thai] drug MesenCure are an improvement over the results of other treatments."

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The statement also recorded that within the control group, 90 percent of participants suffered from complicating comorbidities - background diseases known as risk factors for serious illness and even death - and yet, each of them treated with the MesenCure drug showed marked improvements.

One of the clearest indicators of the Bonus BioGroup drug's efficacy was seen in chest x-rays. Prior to treatment, as much as 55-percent of a person's lung area showed inflammation. Within approximately five days of beginning a course of the drug, that figure dropped precipitously to 15 percent, while it was functioning almost entirely normally only one month later.

Patients also showed significantly improved respiratory function, with blood oxygen saturation showing a 95-percent increase.

The use of the drug also had other benefits for the patients, including improved mobility, the ability to perform routine actions, and generally enable them to take better care of themselves.

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