Quantcast i24NEWS - Israeli film 'Foxtrot' wins prize at Venice Festival, angering culture minister

Israeli film 'Foxtrot' wins prize at Venice Festival, angering culture minister

Director Samuel Maoz, center, and actors Lior Ashkenazi, left, and Sarah Adler pose during the photo call for the film "Foxtrot" at the 74th Venice Film Festival in Venice, Italy, Saturday, Sept. 2, 2017.
Culture minister slams film as inciting against military

Israeli director Samuel Maoz's film "Foxtrot" won the Grand Jury Prize at the Venice Film Festival on Saturday, eight years after his film "Lebanon" won the festival's Golden Lion.

The Grand Jury Prize is widely considered to be the second-place prize at Venice, with the top prize being the Golden Lion.

Culture Minister Miri Regev said in a statement: "It's astounding that Israeli artists are contributing to incitement of the younger generation against the most moral army in the world by spouting lies . . . These are the films that put win in the sails of the BDS organization and to the oppressors of Israel all over the world and win the applause of our enemies."

Regev previously criticized the fact that the film received public funding under the previous culture minister, saying the film paints the military in a negative light -- although she said she had yet to see the film.

"The Shape of Water" by Mexico's Guillermo Del Toro won the Golden Lion.

"Foxtrot" received high praise from the two main US entertainment newspapers, with Variety calling it "award-winning film-making on a fearless level" and the Hollywood Reporter saying it was "bold modernist cinema at its most harrowing".

The film is a three-act tale hinging on the death of an Israeli soldier, and Maoz, whose sole previous film was "Lebanon", told the Associated Press that he expects it to cause controversy back home over the depiction of the military.

"I could create a (story of) horrible crime in the Israeli police and nobody would say (anything),” Maoz told AP. “But if you touch the army, this is very, very sensitive."



Maoz can do what he does only BECAUSE the IDF exists. He must remember that.

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