Quantcast i24NEWS - Trump Backs Israel's Claim On Jerusalem



The appointment of Mike Pompeo must be a turning point in Middle Eastern American politics, in this case with regard to Iran. Mr. Pompeo is, indeed, the best placed in the US to claim that Iran has 1 thousand nuclear weapons. The US is certainly aware that at a certain date, uranium was found in SIEMENS brand phones from Germany to Iran and that on Youtube a ranking of the most official Iran ranks 16th Army to the world with:  * Aircraft: 481  * Tanks: 2409  * Nuclear weapons: +1000 in "the 35 most powerful armies on Earth". Also, here is what would be a good American approach: 1-Trump urges Pompeo to withdraw from the Treaty of Vienna on the Iranian nuclear issue alleging that Iran would already possess 1 thousand nuclear weapons according to the arguments painted above and those secrets that they (the Americans) would hold. 2-Iran will answer that it is another American lie like that on the Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, justifying to besiege Baghdad. Messrs. Pompeo and Trump will answer that if Iran wants to prove that the US is lying, that it (Iran) let the expertsinternatios seriously inspect its territory; 3-Iran will then claim not to want it, in the name of its sovereignty; and allege that "why does not Israel submit to the same exercise?" And Messrs. Pompeo e Trump replied that "Israel has never alleged one day that it wants to wipe Iran or even Palestine off the map. 4-And concomitantly with the holding of these American remarks with regard to Iran, Messrs Pompeo and Trump sign a "real" historic agreement with the Coée du Nord: * Of the kind, a formal promise of Pyongyong of denuclearization and no aggression military of North Korea, Japan, any American partner and the American territory itself, and in return for this the immediate lifting of all the unilateral economic sanctions and multilaterals inflicted on Pyongyong. 5-The US and North Korea signing this "real" historic agreement, Iran, once thought to be more reasonable and rational, will become the "new radical state" replacing North Korea. 6-Henceforth, North Korean ex-sanctions become, legitimately and logically, iranian. But better, the US can argue, then, the alliance game: Any State that chooses to collaborate economically with Iran chooses, de facto, not to do it with the United States. 7-Concurrently with this decision and announcement of decision, the USA deposits on the Brussels table a more fair bilateral commercial treaty with the European Unio (a new Marshall Plan) and in order to potentially deprive China of the European market, knowing very well that Chinese growth can not be stagnant and even less growing without Western market or economic cooperation. Because, indeed, there is nothing new on the sun, which was at the beginning of the Relaxation will be at the origin of the American Victory on the economic balance of power USA-CHINA.

Dear Egyptian friend! Jerusalem is one capital for the Israel, One country=one capital Cairo is the capital of Egypt it's can't being the mutual capital's of Libya+ Egypt. But the the water of Nile River is shares for all, If Egyptian's can reject or give all of it's water to the South Sudanese, Israeli citizens can do the same job with their lovely capital who belong to the Jewish ancient, Then I can expect your lovely comments that said: The State of Palestine, with Jerusalem as its capital, has no state called Israel