Quantcast i24NEWS - Trump calls Erdogan to congratulate him on referendum win

Trump calls Erdogan to congratulate him on referendum win

US President Donald Trump's possible ties with Russia have been the subject of specualtion since his November 8 election
The reaction from Trump contrasts with EU leaders who have been reserved in their reaction

US president Donald Trump on Monday made a congratulatory phone call to his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan following the results of a referendum that would expanding Erdogan's powers, reported Turkish state media.

"Trump called Erdogan tonight (Monday) and congratulated him on his success in the referendum," Turkish presidential sources said, quoted by state-run news agency Anadolu after Erdogan won over 51 percent in Sunday's vote.

In a press briefing earlier on Monday, press secretary Sean Spicer said that the US would refrain to comment until viewing the official results of the vote.

The reaction from Trump contrasts with EU leaders who have been reserved in their reaction to the narrow victory while monitors expressed concern over the "unlevel playing field."

German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to seek "respectful dialogue" within the country after his narrow win.

"The (German) government expects that the Turkish government will now seek respectful dialogue with all political and social forces in the country, after this tough election campaign," Merkel said in a statement issued jointly with Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel.

Merkel called for political discussions with Ankara "as quickly as possible."

Earlier on Monday, Erdogan told international monitors to "know your place" after they suggested the landmark referendum fell short of international standards, even suggesting that Turkey may hold a referendum on its long-stalled EU membership bid.

The 'Yes' camp won with 51.41 percent in Sunday's vote on giving Erdogan sweeping new powers, according to near-complete results, but angry opposition groups have cried foul and demanded a recount.

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