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Iran's parliament votes to increase funds for missile program

Iranian missiles are displayed at a park in northern Tehran
Atta Kenare (AFP/File)
Majority passed motion 'to confront terrorist and adventurist actions by the United States in the region'

Iran's parliament voted Tuesday to urgently work towards increasing funds for the country's missile program and Revolutionary Guards in response to Washington's "adventurism" in the region, media reported.

An overwhelming majority of Iranian lawmakers passed a motion to prioritize legislation "to confront terrorist and adventurist actions by the United States in the region," the Mizan Online website reported.

Olivier Douliery (AFP/Archives)

The motion was originally introduced after the US Senate passed new sanctions on Iran in June and sent them to the House of Representatives.

The proposed bill, published by the ISNA news agency, mandates the government to allocate an additional $260 million to the joint armed forces for the "development of the missile program" and the same amount to the Revolutionary Guards' foreign operations wing, the Quds Force.

The motion sends a clear message to the Americans that Iran's parliament "will resist them with all its power", speaker Ali Larijani said.

The Quds Force leads Iran's military role in Syria and Iraq.

Tehran offers financial, political and military support for the governments of both countries, in particular by posting advisers on the ground and organizing and training volunteer Shiite fighters.

The Pentagon has also repeatedly voiced concern over a string of high-profile incidents in waters off Iran involving Iranian vessels.

It has accused the Revolutionary Guards of conducting risky manoeuvres around US warships in the Gulf, some of which resulted in the Americans firing warning shots.

US President Donald Trump's administration has spared no effort to show a tough stance on Iran, promising new non-nuclear sanctions and stricter implementation of a two-year-old nuclear deal between Tehran and major powers.

On Monday the White House said the nuclear accord would stay in place for now, backing away from a campaign pledge by Trump to scrap the agreement, under which Tehran scaled back its nuclear program in return for the lifting of some sanctions.


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