Quantcast i24NEWS - US Democrats voice support for Israel at congressional delegation to Jerusalem

US Democrats voice support for Israel at congressional delegation to Jerusalem

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Democrats say support for Israel is bipartisan despite Netanyahu's seemingly partisan support for Republicans

US House Democratic Whip Steny H. Hoyer voiced the Democratic Party's unwavering support for Israel at a congressional delegation visiting Jerusalem on Tuesday.

Hoyer asserted that American support for Israel is a bipartisan issue and would endure though many Democrats do not agree with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's vocal opposition to the signing of the agreement to scale back Iran's nuclear program and his seeming alignment with the Republican Party during the Obama years.

“This is not about Prime Minister Netanyahu or President Obama or President Trump. This is about a relationship between two great democracies, Israel and America. This is about a consensus that Israel’s security is critical for the security of the United States. This is not about personalities. This is about shared values. And our two countries are partners for peace and security, ” Hoyer said

Hoyer mentioned a speech delivered by Netanyahu in 2015 in which he addressed congress and criticized the Iran nuclear deal.

"All of us together support Israel and there is no residual impact [from Netanyahu’s speech], whether you were pleased or not pleased,” Hoyer said during a press conference in Jerusalem.

The Democratic whip criticized Netanyahu's approach to diplomacy with the US administration, explaining that “most visits are done in a bipartisan fashion, and this was not done in a bipartisan fashion. Democrats were not happy about that, and we said that,” Hoyer said.

Congressional delegations are usually comprised of either Republicans or Democrats but Tuesday's delegation hosted 33 Republicans and 19 Democrats, touring Israel and the Palestinian territories together.



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