Quantcast i24NEWS - Palestinian UN envoy: US could commit to two-state solution 'within weeks'

Palestinian UN envoy: US could commit to two-state solution 'within weeks'

Riyad Mansour, Palestinian representative to the UN, shakes hands with other delegates before a Security Council meeting on the situation in Gaza, on July 22, 2014
Stan Honda (AFP/File)
Riyad Mansour says relationship with American envoy to the UN Nikki Haley is 'very cordial'

The Palestinian Permanent Observer to the United Nations believes the United States may state its commitment to "the global consensus" solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, he told i24NEWS in an interview.

Riyad Mansour described the international consensus as being that an independent Palestinian state must be created, entailing the end of Israel's presence in the West Bank, the recognition of Jewish settlements in the West Bank as illegal, and the full economic reconstruction of the Gaza Strip.

So far, US President Donald Trump has avoided giving a firm vision on what he thinks the desired outcome of peace negotiations should be, stating in February that he supports whatever Israelis and Palestinians decide.

"We want this current administration to be crystal clear in its commitment to these global positions and to move in the direction of opening paths for the implementation of this global consensus," Mansour said. "My understanding [is] that there is a possibility of providing some answers in a short period of time."

Pressed on how long he thought it would take, Mansour allowed: "You mention during the [General Assembly] session. Meaning, possibly a few weeks."

Last week US President Donald Trump's senior adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner met with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and other senior Palestinian officials in Ramallah, as the administration attempts to chart a course to the resumption of long-stalled peace talks.

Unnamed Palestinian sources told Israeli news outlets that Kushner had promised a peace plan within four months if Abbas agreed to halt measures against Israel on the international stage, however a White House official denied such a proposal was ever raised.

The Palestinian representative at the UN said his hope was that members of the White House "articulate their ideas in a concrete way and put them on the table very soon so that the mobilization for many other parties, including the UN, could be based on clear ideas. . ."

Despite reports of irritation and pessimism towards the Donald Trump administration by the Palestinian leadership, Mansour said there was no breakdown in relations.

"Our relationship is very cordial, particularly in closed meetings," he said. "The style of [US] Ambassador [to the UN] Nikki Haley is different than the style of her predecessor . . . I've been familiar with different ambassadors male and female from both administrations, Republicans and Democrats, in general their policies [are] the same, particularly vis-à-vis unlimited support to Israel. Their style of expression and navigation is different. "

Riyad Mansour was interviewed by Mohammed Al-Kassim, senior Middle East correspondent for i24NEWS.



The Muslims proxy want to force the US to impose their solution on IL. So far the Pal contribution to humanity is terrorism. Does this justify a state?

The US SD needs a total clean-up. A pit full of orientalits and antisemites. Not differ5from he Foreign Office or the Quai d' Orsay.

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