Quantcast i24NEWS - Viral #MeToo hashtag moves thousands to share stories of abuse, harassment

Viral #MeToo hashtag moves thousands to share stories of abuse, harassment

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There were also many sympathetic responses from men

Both celebrities and everyday people from around the world continued to flood social media with personal accounts of sexual assault and harrassment on Tuesday, responding to a viral hashtag which calls to break the culture of silence around such abuse.

People shared stories and offered support under multiple hashtags, including #MeToo in English, #balancetonporc ("Rat out your pig") in French, and #quellavoltache ("That time that") in Italian. 

The massive global response was triggered by the allegations against disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, who is accused of rape and abuse against multiple women dating back decades. 

American actress Alyssa Milano on Sunday sparked the outpouring with a simple Twitter request that women respond "me too" if they have also been sexually harassed or assault. 

Tens of thousands of people replied, making #MeToo the top trending topic on micro-blogging site Twitter. 

Posts continued to accumulate Monday, with the intensity of the response sharply underscoring the magnitude of the problem.

- Celebrities chime in -

Responding to Milano's call, Lady Gaga and Sheryl Crow were among those from the music world tweeting their support. 

Crow on Monday shared her experience of improper behavior by a manager "on my first big tour as a backup singer."

"When I went to a lawyer he told me to suck it up bc the guy could do a lot for me," Crow tweeted, "so I wrote songs about it on my first record."

Actress Evan Rachel Wood wrote of being raped more than once, writing, "I instinctually shut down. My body remembered, so it protected me. I disappeared. #metoo." 

Monica Lewinsky -- who was at the center of the White House sex scandal in the 1990s leading to the impeachment trial of former US President Bill Clinton -- simply tweeted the hashtag #MeToo without comment. 

A common refrain in the accounts by both celebrities and everyday people was that nobody believed the accusers when they spoke out. 

"Molested by a family member. Raped as a kid and an adult. Became a drug addict and then overcame. Don't ever give up. I'm here#MeToo," wrote a woman identified as Amy Christensen on her Twitter account.

There were many sympathetic responses from men.

Vinay Ramesh, a tech entrepreneur, encouraged "all my fellow men to learn about #MeToo. The responsibility to stop sexual violence is absolutely on us."

- Around the world -

Italian actress Asia Argento, who has accused Weinstein of sexual abuse, offered another bombshell, saying a Hollywood director had raped her and that an Italian director had exposed himself to her when she was a minor. 

"Hollywood big shot director with Napoleon complex gave me GHB (the "date rape" drug) and raped me unconscious. I was 26 years old," she tweeted using the hashtag #quellavoltache, in remarks that sparked outrage in her home country. 

Argento did not name either of the men she accused. 

In France, the top-trending hashtag #balancetonporc, started by journalist Sandra Muller, brought forth stories from women of being sexually harassed at work or in the street.

Muller began the hashtag recounting how her former boss had called her "my type of woman" and then commented on her breasts.

In Britain, Labour MP Stella Creasy tweeted her own claims of harassment, "like millions of women & girls all around the world. Shame is on the attackers, not me."  

Similar stories spread in the Arab world, from Tunisia to Egypt and Dubai, describing incidents suffered by women at work or in public spaces, and denouncing "rape culture". 

More than 20 women -- a who's who of Hollywood -- have come forward to accuse Weinstein of rape, assault and sexual harassment.

Weinstein, who insists any sexual encounters were consensual, was expelled last week from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.


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