Quantcast i24NEWS - Sirens in Israel's Golan Heights dismissed as 'false alarm' by IDF

Sirens in Israel's Golan Heights dismissed as 'false alarm' by IDF

A screengrab from a video purporting to show a barrage of rockets being fired toward Israel from Syria on May 10 2018.
The reports of sirens come a week after 20 rockets from Syria were fired towards the Golan Heights

Explosions were being reported by residents in communities in the Golan Heights on Thursday as sirens went off. 

Israel's Defense Forces later issued a statement, calling the sirens a "false alarm."

"Following reports regarding sirens in the Golan regional council, it appears to have been a false alarm. The IDF's Iron Dome aerial defense system was activated. The circumstances are being looked into. It should be noted that the reports regarding an aircraft that was identified and intercepted are false."

The reports of sirens come a week after the Israeli military blamed Iran for firing some twenty rockets at Israel's northern Golan Heights region from Syrian territory just after midnight on Thursday, in a dramatic escalation of hostilities between the two foes.

An army spokesman said after the attack that the situation was "not over" and Syrian state media reported that the country's air defense systems were firing at "Israeli missiles" at around 1.45am local time.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) did not report any injuries on the Israeli side and said that at least some of the missiles were intercepted.


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