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After deadly raid, Hamas mocks Israeli intelligence as world ‘laughing stock’

Israeli soldiers stand near the southern Israel Gaza border Monday, Nov. 12, 2018. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rushed back to Israel on Monday, hours after an Israeli army officer and seven Palestinians, including a local Hamas commander, we
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Arab media reports say the Israeli operation was a failed attempt to take hostage a senior Hamas tunnel expert

After an Israeli intelligence-gathering operation in the Gaza Strip turned into a deadly clash leaving one Israeli soldier and seven Palestinian militants dead on Sunday night, Hamas claims they have “taught the enemy a tough lesson and made its intelligence system a laughingstock to the world.”

Despite Israeli insistence that the raid was an intelligence-gathering mission part of routine operations, Arab and Palestinian media reports claim the raid was a failed attempt to take hostage Hamas' top tunnel expert.

Lebanese paper Al-Akhbar reported Monday that the overnight raid was a planned operation by Israeli special forces to abduct Nur Baraka, a Hamas commander responsible for the militant group's subterranean tunnel network.

After the team was exposed, the raid apparently failed and resulted in the deadly clash.

The version of events circulating in Arab media reports was substantiated by claims made by Hamas' military wing.

In a statement released Monday, the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades published their official version of the night’s deadly events and claimed victory for the Gaza Strip’s ruling Hamas faction.Said KHATIB (AFP/File)

“Despite the mobilization of all these forces for the failed operation, the resistance was able to defeat him and forced him to flee, dragging disappointments and failure” Hamas declared. “The criminal enemy bears full responsibility for this serious crime and its consequences, and the blood of our innocent martyrs will not be wasted without God's permission."

According to the Palestinian militant group, after Israeli special forces infiltrated the Gaza Strip using a civilian vehicle, the unit encountered a group of Hamas security forces who stopped the vehicle for inspection, attended by the senior commander Nur Baraka.

After failing to escape with their vehicle, the IDF called for air support and began to flee towards the border. The Hamas fighters continued to chase the force and engage with it until they reached the separation fence, “despite heavy air cover and the infliction of heavy losses.”

The Israelis were evacuated by a military helicopter that landed near the fence and took away the fleeing force under intense fire from the militants.

In their statement, al-Qassam reiterated claims circulating in local media reports that Israeli aircrafts had destroyed the team’s vehicle in order to destroy evidence of the raid.

“Our fighters targeted the aircraft from close range, while the warplanes raided the vehicle of the infiltrating force in an attempt to get rid of the traces of the crime and cover up the great failure that occurred” it said.

The militant group dubbed the evening a great failure for Israeli forces, and vowed to continue in their “resistance to Zionist aggression.”

“Our resistance will continue to keep pressure on the trigger,” Hamas promised. “We assure our people that the resistance will remain present and bear its hopes and ambition, and run its battle with the enemy with all of our strength and power.”



If this was a “ victory “ for Hamas, I wonder what they define as a defeat? 10 thousand martyrs with their “moon god” is also considered a “ victory “. It’s like discussing the principles of logic with a 4 year old!

They will sacrifice everyone except the fanatics & leadership.

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