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Three dead as clashes mark Kenyan opposition leader's return

Opposition supporters threw rocks at the police, who used water cannon to break up the crowd
Kenya's Supreme Court is due to rule Monday on whether President Uhuru Kenyatta can be sworn in for 2nd term

Three people were shot dead Friday in Nairobi, an AFP reporter saw, as police dispersed thousands of opposition supporters welcoming home their leader Raila Odinga from an overseas trip.

The three men, all with bullet wounds in the upper body, were seen lying on the road in Muthurwa, a city suburb where riot police armed with tear gas, water cannons and rifles clashed with stone throwing protesters, part of angry battles that lasted throughout the day.

Police denied that any live rounds had been used, and said five people had been killed by "stoning" by a hostile crowd after they had been caught stealing.

Odinga won an unprecedented court victory overturning the result of the August 8 presidential poll, leading to a rerun last month that he then boycotted claiming it would not be free and fair.

Kenya's Supreme Court is due to rule Monday on whether President Uhuru Kenyatta can be sworn in for a second term or if there must be another rerun.

The dispute over this year's presidential vote has left the country deeply divided and protests between opposition supporters and police have become commonplace.

Human rights groups estimate that close to 50 people have been killed in election-related violence, the vast majority shot by police.

Odinga returned Friday from a 10-day trip to the United States where he visited think tanks and sought support for his contention that fresh elections must be held, supervised by an overhauled election board.

Tear gas and water cannons 

His National Super Alliance (NASA) coalition had called its supporters to a "Welcome Back Baba Convoy" -- using a nickname for Odinga -- to join the opposition leader on his way from the airport to a planned rally in the city centre.

Police fired tear gas to disperse crowds around Odinga's convoy ( SIMON MAINA (AFP) )

But a heavy deployment of police blocked roads and broke up crowds surrounding the convoy, unleashing liberal amounts of tear gas, copious jets from water cannon trucks and firing shots.

The clashes caused chaos in the capital that continued late into the afternoon.

Police spokesman George Kinoti issued a statement saying that only teargas and water cannon had been used, in order to respond to "unauthorised processions."

"No live fire was used," it said.

"We are however aware that sections of the mobs accompanying the NASA convoy, looted property and five persons were killed by stoning in different incidences after having been caught stealing by enraged crowds."

Following the rerun vote, NASA launched a "National Resistance Movement" aiming to use civil disobedience and boycotts to challenge what it considers to be Kenyatta's illegal government.

Friday's gathering of thousands of opposition supporters in Nairobi was the movement's first show of strength since then, but fell short of the "million man march" promised by party leaders.

People carry the body of a man allegedly shot dead by police in Friday's clashes ( SIMON MAINA (AFP) )

It also marked a heavier deployment of police than in the past, as they sought to block Odinga from holding a rally.

Eventually, Odinga managed to say a few words to cheering supporters from the sunroof of his car.

"Today is the day we are launching Kenya as a third republic," he said, referring to independence from Britain in 1963 and the new constitution in 2010.

"What you have seen is a signal that a third liberation is coming soon," Odinga said before driving away.


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