Quantcast i24NEWS - Trump campaign promises increased military aid to Israel

Trump campaign promises increased military aid to Israel

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump campaigns in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, which has voted Democratic in presidential elections since 1992
Six days before election, Republican nominee's team also promises to support direct Israeli-Palestinian talks

Advisers on Israel issues for US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump released a position paper on Wednesday that vowed to cut funding for the UN Human Rights Council and to recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli capital if he is elected, Israel's Mako news site reports.

The paper, published only six days before the election, also promised that Trump would provide Israel with the maximum possible amount of military aid and not restrict Congress from legislating additional funding beyond that established in the recently-signed 10-year Memorandum of Understanding.

The Trump campaign also promised that under his leadership, the US Justice Department would take steps against ant-Israel activities on school campuses.

On the question of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, the paper said Trump would support direct talks without preconditions, and that he would oppose any Palestinian or European attempt to circumvent such talk.

The paper reportedly said the two-state solution appears impossible to achieve at the moment and that this was the fault of the Palestinian Authority.

While Trump said in early 2016 that he wanted to "sort of be neutral" on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, he has since made strongly pro-Israel comments and emphasized the fact that his daughter Ivanka converted to Judaism and has a Jewish husband and son.

In May, Trump said that Israel "has" to keep building Jewish settlements in the West Bank, praising the country as "our great friend, and the only true democracy in the Middle East."

The following month, a senior official in the Trump campaign said that if he was elected president, Trump would back Israel annexing portions of the West Bank

In September, Trump met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and told him that if he was elected, the United States would recognize an undivided Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

And in late October, Trump had a note delivered to be placed in the Western Wall in Jerusalem saying: "LORD: May you bless the United States, our armed forces and our allies. May your guiding hand protect and strengthen our great nation."



Donald Trump has lied, cheated and stolen his way to the top. Everything he has said in his campaign since June, 2015 has been a lie. If you believe that he will increase aid to Israel as he has said, then you should enroll in a course at Trump University.

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