Quantcast i24NEWS - Confirmation hearing for Israel ambassador nominee David Friedman

Confirmation hearing for Israel ambassador nominee David Friedman

Une responsable du gouvernement israélien a salué vendredi la décision du président élu Donald Trump de nommer David Friedman ambassadeur en Israël comme la promesse d'un changement de politique américaine

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Thursday held a confirmation hearing for US President Donald Trump’s pick for US ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, with several pro-Palestinian and American Jewish protesters being escorted out for interruptions.

Five former US ambassadors to Israel on Wednesday strongly urged the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in a letter to reject Friedman, calling him “unqualified” and “extreme” in his positions.

Friedman is an orthodox Jew who represented Trump as his lawyer for 15 years and has expressed his support of settlement construction in the West Bank.

Friedman was further accused of holding extremist and radical views, leading the ambassadors to question his temperament, due to various remarks that accused former US president Barack Obama and the State Department of being anti-Semitic and “propagating false conspiracy theories that Hillary Clinton’s adviser Huma Abedin” had “well-established ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.”

Friedman has also attacked the J Street organization in the past saying that its members were “worse than kapos,” and said that the Anti-Defamation League were “a bunch of morons.”

In a Trump transition team statement in December announcing his appointment, Friedman said he wanted to work for peace and looked forward to "doing this from the US embassy in Israel's eternal capital, Jerusalem."

The hearing takes place the day after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s met with US President Donald Trump at the White House.

Thursday 16 February 2017
4:10 PM
Hearing is concluded
4:09 PM
Friedman says expanding current settlements outside current borders could be "unhelpful"
4:02 PM
Friedman says Israel is "very good to its Palestinian citizens"
3:56 PM
Asked about moving the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Friedman says "the decision will be made by the President and I will support his decision."
3:55 PM
Friedman says he will sell his business interests in Israel before filling role of Ambassador
3:53 PM
Friedman says believes Palestinians have a right to self-governance
3:47 PM
Friedman says he would like to work with Israel to improve economy in West Bank, highlights problems with water quality and electricity
3:38 PM
Friedman on Iran: I don't know why anyone would have a ballistic missile unless they intended to deliver a nuclear warhead, we need to re-institute leverage on Iran
3:31 PM
Liberman: I have profound differences of opinion with the J Street organization, I regret the language I used express those opinions
3:30 PM
Friedman: nothing more important to me than strengthening bond of US and Israel
3:28 PM
Friedman says aprroval as ambassador would be fulfillment of a life's dream and his life's work
3:15 PM
Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Florida) defends Friedman and hails Israel as the US's only democratic ally in the region
3:11 PM
Friedman: I have never visited the Temple Mount
3:06 PM
Sen. Cory Booker (D- New Jersey) asks Friedman if he thinks former President Obama is an anti-semite, presses him on similar statements made about Clinton, Sen. Kaine, and others
3:05 PM
Friedman: If Israelis didn't block flow into Gaza, there would be even more horrific weapons than they have now
3:03 PM
"We have to do what we can to foster, both economically and politically, a Palestinian middle class to draw out a leadership in support of peace," Friedman says
3:02 PM
Friedman: Palestinian Authority President Abbas refuses to accept Israel as Jewish state, Palestinians still hold positions incompatible with peace
3:01 PM
Friedman says he will not support the annexation of parts of the West Bank to Israel
2:58 PM
Friedman says "two-state solution remains best possibility for peace in the region."
2:53 PM
Friedman: I will be inclusive and respectful of all views
2:52 PM
Sen. Chris Coons (D- Delaware): Question is not whether you [Friedman] are skilled enough for position, but whether your temperament is fitting of an ambassador.
2:51 PM
Friedman: Golan heights incredibly important strategic position for Israel, is not an area of conflict
2:50 PM
Friedman says if one-state solution implemented "nobody would accept a situation of two classes of citizens with different rights."
2:50 PM
Friedman: I believe majority of Palestinians want a peaceful co-existence
2:45 PM
Sen. Ron Johnson (R- Wisconsin)- Fundamental problem in Israeli-Palestinian conflict is Palestinian refusal to accept Israel
2:42 PM
Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Virginia) - US policy should support a solution liked by both Israelis and Palestinians
2:41 PM
Friedman says he will be a fierce advocate against BDS movement
2:38 PM
"With regards to Israel discretion is incredibly important," Friedman says, urging private diplomacy.

"I believe public comments on US-Israel relations can be self-defeating."
2:36 PM
"I think bipartisanship has always been a hallmark of US support for Israel. I want to do everything I can to work with congress on what unites us in support of Israel," Friedman says
2:36 PM
Udall: "I urge the majority in Senate to discuss Friedman's appointment again and think about moving in a different direction"
2:34 PM
Udall asks Friedman to submit in writing a statement detailing his financial interests and support of West Bank settlements
2:33 PM
Friedman: I have reached out in past months to people who I have hurt with my remarks
2:30 PM
Senator Tom Udall (D- New Mexico) says Friedman is "profoundly unfit" to lead members of the State Department, "might inflame the situation in Middle East."
2:17 PM
The hearing resumes
2:12 PM
Committee has taken a break from the hearing for other votes in the Senate
2:09 PM
Former Senator Lieberman urges bipartisan support for Friedman as ambassador
2:08 PM
Former Senator Joe Lieberman says Friedman's close relationship with Trump will strengthen US relationship with Israel
2:05 PM
Asked about his inflammatory comments against democratic lawmakers about Iran deal, Friedman says it came from concerns of existential threat to Israel, US
2:01 PM
I have expressed my skepticism to the two-state solely based on seeing Palestinians unwilling to recognize Israel as a Jewish state
1:47 PM
Freidman: If Israel and Palestinians are able through direct negotiations to reach a solution I would be delighted to see that.
1:46 PM
Friedman on Iran deal: I was concerned US was embarking on a deal that posed significant risk to Israel and to US as well
1:42 PM
Senator Ben Cardin (D-Maryland) asks Friedman why he should believe that as ambassador he will not carry on with inflammatory remarks from the campaign
1:40 PM
A man with "American Jews against the occupation" interrupts, yelling "you do not represent us!"
1:38 PM
Friedman: "If I am fortunate enough to be confirmed by the Senate, I will dedicate my mission to two things: 1) advancing the national interest of the United States in strengthening its relationship with Israel, and 2) working tirelessly to bring peace and stability to the region."
1:37 PM
A second pro-Palestinian activist escorted out after interrupting Friedman's opening statement
1:36 PM
A pro-Palestinian activist interrupts Friedman's opening statement, is escorted out of hearing by police