Quantcast i24NEWS - US congressional candidate calls on supporters to fight 'Jewish media'

US congressional candidate calls on supporters to fight 'Jewish media'

FILE - In this Aug. 3, 2016 file photo, Paul Nehlen, a Republican primary challenger to House Speaker Paul Ryan, speaks in Janesville
AP Photo/Scott Bauer, File
Nehlen, a leading right-wing figure, has also embraced the white supremacist slogan 'it's ok to be white'

Congressional candidate, Paul Nehlen seeking to unseat Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan has reportedly been flirting with white nationalist elements online and anti-Jewish sentiment to urge activists to harass his opponents.

In a private Twitter message to a group titled CityRevoltVoteNehlen he posted that his political adversaries were “working for the Jewish media,” according to a Buzzfeed report published on Friday.

Nehlen’s comments follow accusations that he used anti-Semitic rhetoric across social media whilst also positioning himself as pro-Israel. He faced criticism for tweeting about an anti-Semitic book about Jewish power. Consequently in December, former chief strategist to US President Donald Trump, Steve Bannon cut ties with the candidate after having previously endorsed his efforts to replace Paul Ryan as well as his views on limiting immigration to the US.

“There are a list of goys attacking me, and a separate list of Jews,” Nehlen messaged the private Twitter group this week, according to screenshots from BuzzFeed .

Referring to remarks from conservative and pro-Trump figures such as Town Hall magazine’s columnist Kurt Schlichter and Rebel Media website’s talk show host, John Cardillo who’d recently denounced Nehlen for his alt-right ties, Nehlen added: “It’s pretty obviously Cardillo and others like him are working for Jewish media then there are fake conservatives who happen to be Jewish. I’m going to decimate them all and y'all are gonna help me.”

According to the Times of Israel, one participant of the group is white nationalist Eli Mosley who helped to organize the August “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville last August. Mosely reportedly encouraged other group participants to target Nehlen’s critics on social media.

Nehlen, a businessman and known as a leading right-wing figure, has also embraced the white supremacist slogan “It’s okay to be white.”



He is a blatant racist and antisemite Wisconsin voters deserve better than this fool.

American people squeeze btw the fascist Rt and the crazy left will support Trump. The only smart person in W DC.

Quick google search discloses that dozen of prominent joos have publicly proclaimed time and again that joos control/dominate all media in the United States. It is just a fact. It isn't even debateable. This Nehlen is now being persecuted soley as a lesson to the other goyim that they can never challenge the z-io masters. To identify the truly sick racists google: chief rabbi of Israel says only purpose of goyim is to serve jews, life of goyim worth same as donkey. Netanyahu says this jerk is the greatest mind of this generation. http://www.timesofisrael.com/5-of-ovadia-yosefs-most-controversial-quotations/

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