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Texas curriculum may blame 'Arab rejection of Israel for ongoing conflict'

The Texas Rangers are investigating the case of white Dallas police officer Amber Guyger, who entered a wrong apartment and shot dead its resident, a 26 year-old black man named Botham Shem Jean
Israeli and Palestinian textbooks have led to controversy as each side accuses the other of propaganda

The State Board of Education in Texas is on its way towards requiring as part of the public school curriculum that students learn how the “Arab rejection of the State of Israel has led to ongoing conflict,” The Dallas Morning News reported over the weekend.

Other changes that were approved in a preliminary vote on Friday included removing former first lady and secretary of state Hillary Clinton, political activist Helen Keller, and political philosopher Thomas Hobbes from the curriculum while keeping on the Biblical prophet Moses for his apparent influence on US founding documents.

The Texas public school system includes some 5 million students who would see the potential changes, though textbooks would not yet be altered.

The changes meant to “streamline” the curriculum and save time, however, must still be passed by a final vote in November.

The initial vote was cast after ranking “essential” figures according to a number of main considerations, such as whether he or she “triggered a watershed change,” hailed from an “underrepresented group,” or made an impact that would “stand the test of time,” Internet news site Vox explained.

Israeli and Palestinian textbooks have been the subject of controversy as each side has accused the other of skewing the facts.

A study over several years revealed that some instances, though said to be rare, of Palestinian textbooks containing "general dehumanizing characterizations of personal traits of Jews or Israelis".

Meanwhile, Israel has in the past sought to bar use of the word “Nakba”, the Arabic word for “catastrophe” used to refer to the more than 700,000 Palestinians who fled or were expelled in the 1948 war that followed Israel's creation. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that use of the word constitutes "propaganda against Israel" in justifying the ban on its use.



The liberal media is engaged in a smear campaign designed to discredit the reputation of the Texas Board of Education. Stay tuned until November when the final decision on academic content in the Texas curriculum will be finalized. Do not be surprised if public pressure precipitates a change in this decision regrettably.

it is indeed the arab world's fault

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