Ukraine: Govt websites down after 'massive' hacking attack


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ILLUSTRATION - The inside of a computer in Jersey City, New Jersey, on February 23, 2019.
AP/Jenny Kane 2019 ©ILLUSTRATION - The inside of a computer in Jersey City, New Jersey, on February 23, 2019.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the cyberattack

 A massive cyberattack warning Ukrainians to "be afraid and expect the worst" hit government websites late on Thursday, leaving some websites inaccessible on Friday morning and prompting Kyiv to open an investigation. ...

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"As a result of a massive cyberattack, the websites of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a number of other government agencies are temporarily down," a foreign ministry spokesman said.

The websites contained a message in Ukrainian, Russian and Polish, saying that Ukrainians’ personal data was leaked to the public domain. “Be afraid and expect the worst. This is for your past, present and future,” the message read.

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The developments came after no breakthrough was reached at meetings between the Kremlin and Western states, which fear Moscow could launch a new attack on a country it invaded in 2014.

"The drumbeat of war is sounding loud," said a senior US diplomat.

Russia denies plans to attack Ukraine but says it could take unspecified military action unless demands are met, including a promise by the NATO alliance never to admit Kyiv.

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