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Ten arrested in Germany for beating Jewish man wearing Star of David necklace

Germans donned the kippa in solidarity demonstrations across the country after an assault on two men wearing the Jewish skullcap
Yann Schreiber (AFP/File)
Groups are demanding state funding to 'honestly' dealing with anti-Semitism among the Muslim community

Ten people were arrested in Berlin after an anti-Semitic attack in the heart of the German capital, police announced Sunday. The victim, a 25-year-old Jewish man of Syrian descent, said he was beaten by a group of men and women when they noticed he was wearing a Star of David necklace.

The attack occurred Friday night in a park in the city center. The young man told the police that he approached the group to ask for a light for his cigarette. One man gave it to him, but then began to argue with the victim and apparently took the cigarette out of the victim’s mouth.

According to the victim’s account, when the man noticed that he was wearing a necklace with a Star of David pendant, he ripped off the necklace and sounded anti-Semitic slurs towards the victim.

“This dog star won’t help you now,” he allegedly shouted, among other things, according to media reports. The victim also told the police that the assailant punched him several times until he fell to the ground. He tried to run away but fell down again, and the group members that had chased him then punched and kicked him again.

Only when passersby tried to intervene did the attackers finally stop and attempted to flee the scene. Police officers nearby apprehended the group — three women and seven men, between the ages of 15 and 25 and of Syrian and German nationalities.

The victim was treated for lacerations to the face. Berlin police noted that the arrested were released on Saturday night but they are still being investigated for a politically motivated crime.

The incident has reignited concerns over safety and rises in anti-Semitism, particularly among migrants. Two weeks ago, a 19-year-old Syrian refugee was convicted for attacking a young Israeli wearing a Kippah. The victim filmed the man, identified as Knaan S., beating him with a belt and shouting “Yahudi” (Jew in Arabic). He was sentenced to four weeks jail time but was released immediately, due to time served awaiting trial.

“I expect the federal government and state authorities to take seriously also anti-Semitism among the Muslim population,” stated Lala Süsskind, chairperson of the Jewish Forum for Democracy and against Anti-Semitism (JFDA).

The organization, alongside some 30 other Jewish groups and prominent individuals, now demands that Muslim groups receiving state funding be required to make an explicit commitment against anti-Semitism, the local newspaper Tagesspiegel reported.

In the policy paper, to be submitted Monday, they also demand more “honesty” in dealing with anti-Semitism among Muslims. The fact that “enemies of Islam” – like the members of the populist far-right party Alternative for Germany (AfD) – are instrumentalizing those displays of anti-Semitism among Muslims, doesn’t mean that those displays can be ignored, stressed Süsskind.



This is all how it started back then. Germany hasn’t learnt a thing. Go ahead open your doors up to the whole world. When they become the majority of your country you have nobody else to blame but yourselves. Good Luck!!

Angela Merkel should have known better but she is naive, myopic and greedy. When they give them German citizens. They will turn against the finger that feeds them. Germany will never learn from their past.

Here are two short term ideas: 1. Have under cover officers wear open or semi open Jewish stars or kippas etc. in public. Then arrest anyone who insults or attacks these officers. Do this everywhere, without limit, n then these types of attacks will cease. 2. Israel needs to seriously stand up to European mainstream media n govts. who make a distinction between Jews n Israel; even Jews now n the holocaust.

With this type of jail terms, I start to wonder if the German government is actually encouraging anti semitism

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