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'Take that, dirty Jew': Jewish boy beaten in Paris


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A man wearing a kippa outside Lyon's synagogue (illustration)
AFPA man wearing a kippa outside Lyon's synagogue (illustration)

Six young men attack 13-year-old wearing kippah; one suspect detained

A Jewish boy from Paris was beaten and robbed last week outside his school by six young men, one of whom shouted "take that, dirty Jew."

Police launched an investigation and detained a suspect.

The incident occurred on July 7 near the Gare du Nord train station, according to a report by a watchdog group - BNCVA, the National Bureau for Vigilance Against Anti-Semitism.

The 13-year-old boy, wearing a kippah, was followed by six men. One shouted: “Take that, dirty Jew” while the group was hitting the boy. One of the young men also stole the boy’s cellular phone before fleeing the scene.The boy was taken to hospital where he received stitches to his head.

The attack occurred almost six months to the day after an armed Islamist killed four Jews at a Paris kosher supermarket in an attack that attracted international attention and condemnation.

According to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, last year the Jewish community recorded a total of 241 violent attacks on Jews out of a total of 851 anti-Semitic incidents. The previous year, those figures were 105 and 423, respectively. Belgium, Britain and the Netherlands are among the other countries that saw increases in anti-Semitic attacks over the same period.

Diego Ornique, the JDC regional director for Europe, told JTA that since 2012, when an Islamist killed four people at a Jewish school in Toulouse, “we realized we are living in a different reality. And while some choose to emigrate, most European Jews are staying. We need to, and are indeed finding ways to cope with this reality.”