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Palestinians planning lawsuit against Britain for 1917 Balfour declaration

Le ministre palestinien des Affaires étrangères Riyad al-Malki, à Ramallah, le 11 août 2015
Abbas Momani (AFP/Archives)
Balfour declaration led the League of Nations to entrust the United Kingdom with the Palestine Mandate in 1922

The Palestinians have asked the Arab League for support in filing a lawsuit against the British Government for publishing the Balfour Declaration in 1917.

Speaking on behalf of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas at the Arab League's annual summit, the PA's Foreign Minister Riyad al-Malki asked the summit to “help us bring a suit against the British government" over the Balfour declaration "after which hundreds of thousands of Jews arrived from Europe and other places in Palestine at the expense of our people,” said Israel's Channel 2 news.

The Balfour Declaration was conveyed in a letter addressed by Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour to Lord Walter Rothschild, a prominent member of the British Jewish community. In the letter, Balfour proclaimed that Britain would support Zionist aspirations by facilitating in Palestine the establishment of “a national home for the Jewish people.”

By declaring Britain to be Zionism's patron, Balfour's signature completed a process begun twenty years earlier at the First Zionist Congress, held in 1897 in Basel, Switzerland. The Balfour Declaration led the League of Nations to entrust the United Kingdom with the Palestine Mandate in 1922.

Malki continued to say that all the "Israeli crimes committed against our people since the end of the British Mandate, and the massacres that occurred in 1948 and after" fall under the UK's responsibility.

Israel declared independence on May 14, 1948, a day before the British mandate was set to expire.

While the summit was convened the Arab League again urged the international community to force Israel to sign the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, and voiced it's support for the French peace initiative.

While Israel had voluntarily agreed to follow regulations put in place by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), it has never joined the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, keeping facilities off-limits to outside inspectors.

Though Israel has never publicly confirmed the existence of its nuclear program, maintaining an official policy of "nuclear ambiguity," it is widely assumed that the Nuclear Research Center in the southern town of Dimona contains Israel's nuclear arsenal, which is currently estimated to number around 300 warheads.



Strange that, because in 1917 the world knew the "Palestinians" as Jews, not Arabs. If you start a war, lose, and then call is a "catastrophe" then who do have to blame? Oh wait, we're talking about the infantile Arab Palestinians who've yet to take any responsibility for themselves.

Please do not Forget to take the Ottoman Empire to court, and yourself too, and then Jordan maybe, and all the countries that are keeping you from working in their territories, and .... and ....the Islam conquerors who shook up your tribal traditions, and the Romans maybe. With all this work will you need more financial help?

"CADCAD18" Please do not forget the Nazis and Christians kicked Jews out of Europe and Palestine and the Muslims brought Jews back to Palestine. The Ottomans defeated the Crusaders giving Jews the right to practice and live in peace. Don't forget that. And don't forget you are the same people telling Syrians to stay and fight when all the Jews in Palestine left their homes to Nazis.

"Neil Gordon" Palestine had a much larger Muslim Population than Jews in 1917. Jews protested Zionists arrival going on hunger strikes and dying. The word Jew itself is used wrong constantly. Judaism is a religion not a people. Jews have historically been from the Arab world and those that are from the Arab world are Arab Jews. Jesus him self being a Jew born in the Middle East.

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