Quantcast i24NEWS - New Hamas policy document defines 'enemy' as Zionists, not Jews

New Hamas policy document defines 'enemy' as Zionists, not Jews

A Palestinian militant and Hamas supporter takes part in an anti-Israeli protest in the southern Gaza Strip town of Khan Yunis in September 2015
Said Khatib (AFP/File)
Text does not renounce violence or claim to historic Palestine, despite call for state on pre-1967 lines

A leaked policy document of the Palestinian terror group Hamas calls creation of a Palestinian state based on pre-1967 lines with Jerusalem as its capital a "formula for a national consensus" but not renouncing its goal of seizing all of historic Palestine through violence.

“Hamas will not give up on any part of the land of Palestine no matter the reasons, circumstances or pressures, and no matter how long the occupation remains," the Times of Israel quoted the document published by pan-Arab news channel al-Mayadeen as saying. "Hamas rejects any alternative to completely liberating Palestine from the river to the sea.”

The document also reportedly attempts to move away from the anti-Semitism in its first charter dating to 1988, claiming it sees a distinction between Judaism as a religion and Zionism and that "the conflict with the Zionist project is not a conflict with the Jews because of their religion."

News reports on Sunday said the policy document would endorse a Palestinian state on the pre-1967 borders without recognition of Israel, but the terminology used in the document appears to stop short of explicit endorsement.

The New York Times reported in March that Hamas officials said they were drafting the document to "present a more pragmatic and cooperative face to the world."

According to that report, the document would also state that the group is not a part of the Muslim Brotherhood in the hopes of alleviating tensions with Egypt.

This article was amended on November 2, 2017 to clarify the new policy does not represent an alteration to the Hamas charter.


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