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Iran threatens to repeat attacks on IS in Syria

A picture provided by the Iran's state TV official website shows Iranian Revolutionary Guards launching a missile from an undisclosed location in western Iran, towards Islamic State bases in Syria
Six missiles were launched Sunday night in a 'successful' but 'limited' attack on IS terror bases in Syria

Iran's Revolutionary Guard on Monday gave a stern warning to Islamic State militants that Sunday night’s missile attack on its “terror bases” could be repeated if the jihadist group threatened Iran’s security again.

In retaliation for IS-claimed deadly twin attacks on Iran’s capital two weeks ago, the Revolutionary Guard launched medium-range missiles at “terror bases” in Syria, the first to be launched in 30 years.

According to Iranian state TV’s website, quoting Gen. Ramazan Sharif, “if they [IS] carry out a specific action to violate our security, definitely there will be more launches, with intensified strength," reported the Associated Press.

Sharif added that six missiles were launched with a range of up to 700 kilometers (430 miles) in a "successful" but "limited" attack Sunday night.

"The missiles were fired from Iran and they passed over Iraq and landed in Syria."

"Drones flying from near Damascus to Deir Ezzor transmitted (footage of) missiles hitting their targets," he said.

The Guards' followed through on a vow to exact revenge on the Islamic State for its attack on Tehran's parliament and the shrine of the regime's founder Ayatollah Khomenei on June 7, killing 17 people. 

It was the first attack by IS on Iran. 

“The punitive and retaliatory move has conveyed a clear message to Takfiri terrorists and their regional and trans-regional sponsors," read a statement from the group, carried by the Tansim news agency.

Videos posted on social media by Iranian journalists showed missiles being fired at night time near built-up areas as locals expressed amazement.

Iranian media reported that it was the first time the country's armed forces had used medium-range ground-to-ground missiles in thirty years.

In the 1980s Iran and Iraq fought a contracted and bitter war in which both sides used missiles, however the trauma of the Iraqi barrage on Iranian cities remains scarred into the national psyche.

Iran's homegrown missiles, a serious point of contention with Washington and Tel Aviv, can reach up to 2,000 kilometers.

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