Quantcast i24NEWS - Israel unearths army boots destined for Hamas - disguised in emoji slippers

Israel unearths army boots destined for Hamas - disguised in emoji slippers

Hamas security forces stand guard on March 26, 2017, at the Erez border crossing into Israel, which was partly closed following the assassination of Hamas senior military figure Mazen Faqha
Upon slashing open the footwear, officers discovered that various professional army boots hidden within

Israeli crossing guards have unearthed what they said were army boots destined for Hamas, disguised in a consignment of emoji-themed slippers. 

According to Ynet, the suspicion of guards at the southern Keren Shalom crossing between Israel and the Gaza Strip was aroused when a delivery of slippers with emojis printed on them seemed heavy and unshapely. 

Upon slashing open the brightly-colored footwear, officers discovered various professional army boots hidden within, according to a Land Crossings Authority statement quoted by Israeli media. 

It was not clear if all the slippers contained the hidden cargo, or just some. 

"The smuggling attempts, as revealed this morning, are part of a daily war that is mostly invisible to the public," the crossing manager Ami Shaked was quoted as saying by Ynet. "I'm proud of the security inspectors who acted exactly as we expect them to."

Israel has enforced a strict blockade on Gaza since the Hamas terror group took power there over ten years ago. Israeli personnel inspect all goods entering and leaving the Strip. 

The contraband was confiscated by Israel and an investigation launched into how it arrived. 

Colonel Fares Attila, head of the defense ministry's Coordination and Liaison Department, was quoted by the Times of Israel as saying that “We will continue to stand guard in order to ensure that shipments reach their destination and aren’t diverted for terror purposes."



Arrest and expel those responsible and their families as well.

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