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Israel reportedly strikes weapons factory in Syria

Flames and smoke rise from the Mazzeh airbase on the outskirts of Damascus following what the Syrian army said were Israeli missile strikes (FILE)
Media reports say Syria fired a surface-to-air missile at Israeli aircraft in response

Israel struck a weapons depot factory in Syria on Wednesday evening, according to Lebanese media reports. Lebanese news outlet al-Mayadeen reported that Syria fired a surface-to-air missile at Israeli aircraft after the strike, which reportedly occurred in the suburbs of the city of Homs.

Local residents reported of Israeli jets circling in the area and an explosion, according to a report on the Lebanese site Anshara.

In late October, Israel struck three Syrian artillery positions in response to five projectiles, apparently stray fire, that landed in Israel. The Israeli military warned that "whether errant fire or not, any future occurrences will force the IDF to intensify its response."

Days earlier, Israel said it had conducted a strike on a site in Syria on hours after a stray projectile landed in the northern Golan Heights.

Less than a week before that, the Israeli Air Force announced that it had carried out a strike on an SA-5 battery some 50 kilometers east of Damascus which fired a missile towards Israeli fighter jets on a reconnaissance flight over neighboring Lebanon.

Projectiles have sporadically landed in northern Israel throughout Syria's years-long civil war.

Over 15 such incidents occurred within a week in June, prompting Israel's military to strike Syrian military positions.

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good work, Israel!

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