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Jordan insists: Israel must put embassy shooter on trial

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu embraces Ziv, a guard at the Israeli embassy in Jordan who fatally shot two locals after being attacked with a screwdriver.
Haim Tzach/GPO
Israel reportedly offered to replace its current ambassador to Amman

Jordan has reiterated its decision not restore regular diplomatic ties with Israel until Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government commences legal proceedings against an embassy guard who allegedly shot dead two Jordanians in July, Reuters reported on Thursday.  

On Wednesday, the news agency reported that Israel was set to replace current ambassador Einat Schlein in a bid to heal the rift between the two countries. 

However Jordan is reportedly refusing to budge form its original position. 

"They can look for a new ambassador but that ambassador will not be welcome in Jordan until a due legal process takes its course and justice is served," the diplomatic source told Reuters

"Our position remains solid in Jordan.," the source added, "the embassy will not reopen until these conditions are met... which is the position we took from the very beginning."

Jordan said that on July 23 17-year-old Mohammed Jawawdeh was shot dead by the head of security at Israel's embassy in Amman during a row over the late delivery of furniture. 

A second Jordanian man, Bashar Hamarneh, was killed by gunfire. 

The security official, known only as Ziv, reportedly told police that upon discovering he was Israeli, Jawawdeh drew a screwdriver and began trying to stab him in the neck.

Jordanian officials were infurirated at the warm reception the guard received on his return to Israel, including a hug from Netanyahu. 

In July Israeli police confirmed they were questioning Ziv, however the outcome of that investigation is not known. 



On the re-opening of the Israeli Embassy in Amman, the Jordanian king should round off the angles. France and Israel do not necessarily share the same vision of resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, yet there is an Israeli embassy in Paris. Jordan can not claim to be a reasonable mediator between Israel and Palestine if it refuses to formally normalize diplomatic relations with Israel, a state recognized as such by the United Nations and the International Community.

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