Quantcast i24NEWS - New 28 minute train line from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem to start in March

New 28 minute train line from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem to start in March

A view of the bridge in construction for the planned high speed train between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, near Latrun, Israel, in 2010
AP Photo/Sebastian Scheiner
According to Israeli media reports the new train link will be free for 3 months.

Transportation Minister Israel Katz said on Tuesday that the new Tel-Aviv Jerusalem train line could start operating at the end of March, ahead of the Passover holidays.

According to reports in Israeli TV channel Hadashot TV, the line will be free of charge for the first three months.

A game-changer for many Israeli commuters, the new train line should cover the 54 kilometers between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem in a mere 28 minutes.

The new Jerusalem-Tel Aviv line was tested last August with a freight train weighing some 1200 tons that was used to help ascertain the strength of the route’s bridges and rails.

The freight train was also intended to help stabilize the line’s concrete and tracks.

The construction of the Tel Aviv-Jerusalem express-train line, is expected to cost some NIS 7 billion ($1.8 billion).

The route will provide commuters between both cities with a much more convenient option of travel in terms of time.

By car or bus, the commute between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem takes close to an hour without traffic.

An old train line from the Ottoman era, which is still in use and a much more roundabout route than the new train line, takes approximately an hour and a half to travel between both cities.



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