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Israel names new Jordan envoy ending months-long diplomatic standoff

Amir Weissbroad, new Israeli envoy to Jordan after diplomatic row resolved, Feb 8 2018
Diplomatic tensions thawed as Israel delivered an apology to Jordan and agreed to pay compensation

Israel named a new ambassador to Jordan on Thursday, the foreign ministry announced, bringing an end to a months-long diplomatic spat sparked by a deadly shooting incident.

The foreign ministry named Amir Weissbrod as the new ambassador, the first since the incident at the Israeli embassy in Amman that led the Jewish state to withdraw its staff.

Weissbrod currently heads the Middle East Bureau at the Foreign Ministry’s Center for Political Research, previously serving as first secretary in Israel’s Jordanian embassy between 2001 and 2004 after a previous diplomatic post in the Liason Bureau in Morocco.

On July 23, security guard Ziv Moyal at the embassy shot dead Jordanian worker Mohammed Jawawdeh who had stabbed him in the back with a screwdriver after coming to an apartment to install furniture, according to the Israeli foreign ministry.

A second Jordanian, the apartment's landlord, was also shot dead -- apparently by accident.

The guard was briefly questioned by investigators in Jordan before returning to Israel along with the rest of the embassy staff, where he received a hero's welcome from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu along with ambassador Einat Shlein.

The incident and Israeli response sparked widespread anger in Jordan, and Amman later said it would not allow the embassy staff to return until Israel opened a serious investigation and offered an apology.

Last month, there was a “gradual” resumption of diplomatic relations as the two states reached an understanding following an Israeli apology for both the incident in question, as well as a previous border skirmish in 2014 that resulted in the killing of a Jordanian judge by an Israeli soldier.

Expressing regret, Israel agreed to pay financial compensation to the families of the two male victims, despite initially only stating it would pay the Jordanian government. The Amman-based paper al-Rai reported that a payment of $5million had been handed over to the relatives.

“Israel attaches great importance to its strategic relations with Jordan, and the two countries will act to advance their cooperation and to strengthen the peace treaty between them,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office stated.

Jordan and Israel signed a peace treaty in 1994, and despite often tense relations, Israel considers the country to be a stable bulwark against radical elements penetrating along its long eastern border.

Jordan and Egypt are the only two Arab nations that have peace treaties with Israel.



should have thrown their ambassador out. Jordan is a pimple of a country that needs Israel far more than Israel needs it.

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