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57 Palestinians injured in 'Day of Rage' among hundreds of protesters

Palestinian protesters wave their national flag near the Israel-Gaza border east of the southern Gaza Strip city of Khan Yunis as they demonstrate against calls for the closure of UNRWA on January 9
Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said it fired shots at main instigators of some 400 Palestinian rioters in Gaza

57 Palestinians were reportedly injured, one severely, on Friday amid clashes between Israeli forces and protesters along the Gaza border and in the West Bank on the latest 'Day of Rage' to be called by Islamist Hamas in response to the killing of one of its militants suspected of gunning down an Israeli rabbi last month.

Gaza's Health Ministry said the injured Palestinian was in critical condition after being shot in the head at the border near Jabalia, in the northern Gaza Strip.

Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said it shot at some of the main instigators among the roughly 400 Palestinian rioters hurling rocks and burning tires in various locations in the Gaza Strip.

In the West Bank, there were some 850 protesters reported, according to Israeli left-wing newspaper Haaretz.

Palestinians were injured after being shot at with real and rubber bullets in various locations in the Strip and in the West Bank, Haaretz reported.

Hamas had declared Friday a "Day of Rage" calling for mass disobedience in the Gaza Strip and West Bank after a month-long manhunt for Ahmed Jarrar, the assailant suspected of murdering Rabbi Raziel Shevach, was killed in an Israeli operation on Wednesday.

Jarrar was said to be a member of Hamas’s military wing, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades and the principal operative in the terrorist cell that perpetrated Raziel’s murder, alongside apparent involvement in other attempted attacks.

Hamas's armed wing celebrated Jarrar as a martyr, though it was unclear if it was claiming direct responsibility for the attack.

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Byproducts from Islam. Sad.

But remember that they are human beings !!

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