Quantcast i24NEWS - Second installment of Qatari money has entered Gaza, to be distributed tomorrow

Second installment of Qatari money has entered Gaza, to be distributed tomorrow

In the impoverished Gaza Strip, where large areas have been levelled by successive wars with Israel, the imposing new court complex stands as a symbol of Qatari investment in the territory -- back in the spotlight after a controversial ceasefire
Qatari envoy to cross into Gaza today, bringing

Palestinian sources confirmed that the second instalment of a total sum of $90 million given by Qatar to cover salaries of public officials in the Palestinian enclave of Gaza will be delivered on Friday.

This follows concerns in Doha that the aid could be seen to finance terror, a potential public relations disaster in the US for the Gulf state.

Qatar has reportedly made the donation conditional on the Israeli government publicly expressing its gratitude for the initiative, according to a story published on Thursday in Israeli news site Walla.

The story seem to be corroborated by a statement by Israel's US Ambassador last week, which thanks Qatar for "its efforts to improve the situation in Gaza".

The cash transfers were first approved by Israel, which disqualified hundreds of Gazans from receiving funds based on connections to Hamas’ military wing.

Qatar, however, reportedly thinks Israel’s ability to prevent the money from reaching the wrong hands is limited.

Benjamin Netanyahu seemed pretty confident in Israel's ability to scrutinize recipients. In a tour of the IDF's "Northern Shield" operation today, the prime minister said: "there is better supervision than before".

"We get a photo, a signature and the fingerprint of the person who received the money", Netanyahu added.

Qatari envoy to Gaza Mohammad al-Emadi will cross into the enclave today, attending a reception organized by the Hamas administration, according to a Palestinian source, who also provided a breakdown of the sum.

Qatar had previously announced there would be six instalments of $15 million, but the package will this time contain $25 million, divided as such: $5 million for salaries, $5 million for unemployment, and $5 million for humanitarian relief.

Another $10 million has been earmarked for electricity and fuel.


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