Rights groups urge FIFA to pay Qatar's 'abused' workers


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Migrant workers in Qatar, many of which are involved in 2022 World Cup protects.
AFP/FileMigrant workers in Qatar, many of which are involved in 2022 World Cup protects.

'This is a great shame, a tragedy for football'

World soccer body FIFA is facing calls to create a compensation fund for migrant workers who suffered human rights abuses in preparation for the World Cup in Qatar.

NGOs, including Amnesty International, say FIFA should pay out at least $440 million, a compensation equal to the total 2022 prize money for the tournament.

More than 6,500 migrant workers have died since the Gulf state was awarded the World Cup, according to data compiled from government sources by The Guardian.

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Amnesty accuses Qatar of covering up the deaths. 

Qatar denies the allegations.

"This is a great shame, a tragedy for football and let's hope the next World Cup can bury this one," sports journalist Jonny Gould told i24NEWS from London.

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He said that the alleged human rights abuses are a legacy of former FIFA president Sepp Blatter who awarded the tournament to Qatar.

Gould ticked off some of the alleged abuses, including unexplained deaths and injuries, wage theft and exorbitant recruitment fees.

"If you talk about the term sportswashing, I think that the Qatari World Cup will be the biggest ever."

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