Albert Einstein Museum to open in Jerusalem


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Physicist Albert Einstein
(AP Photo, File)Physicist Albert Einstein

Government approves funding for construction of museum at Hebrew University's Safra campus in Givat Ram

Israel on Sunday approved funding for the establishment of a museum dedicated to Albert Einstein to be built in Jerusalem.

The museum will showcase the research and discoveries of the Jewish physicist known for his theory of general relativity among other achievements and is going to be located at the Edmond J. Safra campus of Hebrew University in the city's Givat Ram neighborhood.

The government is committing $6 million for the project, with the university raising another $12 million for a total of $18 million.

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The country's previous prime minister and current Alternate Prime Minister Naftali Bennett enthusiastically announced the government's approval of the museum on his Twitter account.

"We’re going to build The Albert Einstein Museum in Jerusalem! A few hours ago the government of Israel approved building a one-of-a-kind museum dedicated to Einstein. All his original papers, archives, the original note where he wrote E=mc^2!" Bennett wrote.

"Einstein was not only one of the smartest humans in history; he was also a proud Jew," Bennett continued. 

"What a wonderful moment for the State of Israel and for all people who seek wisdom."

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The German-born scientist helped found the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and was a non-resident governor of the institution.

In 1952, he was even offered to succeed Chaim Weizmann as president of the State of Israel, a position he refused.  

“Israeli teenagers will be able to draw inspiration from Einstein, as well as tourists and scientists from all over the world,” Bennett wrote in another series of tweets on Saturday night. 

"I hope the Einstein Museum will make our capital, Jerusalem, even more attractive."

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