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Israel to reduce power to Palestinian city over debt

Le 20 février 2014, vue générale de Jéricho en Cisjordanie
Menahem Kahana (AFP)
Decision by Israel Electric Corporation (IEC) applies to Jericho over debt of $450 million

Israel's state-run electricity company was set Thursday to reduce the power supply to a Palestinian city in the West Bank over a debt of $450 million, an Israeli official said.

The decision by the Israel Electric Corporation (IEC) applies to Jericho and comes after the Palestinian Authority and the private Palestinian Jerusalem District Electricity Company failed to pay longstanding dues, the official said.

The debt currently amounts to more than 1.7 billion shekels ($450 million, 397 million euros), according to the energy industry official who spoke on condition of anonymity.

"We've informed all the relevant parties, and after endless attempts to reach arrangements, we've decided to act to reduce the debt," the official said, adding that the Jericho move was "open-ended."

In January 2015, the IEC cut the power to Palestinian cities for a number of hours every day over a similar debt.

It ceased doing so however the following month despite the standing debt.

The Israeli finance ministry and prime minister's office, which would normally be involved in any decision to reduce the electricity to the Palestinians, did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Palestinian officials did not immediately comment either.

Tensions are running high after six months of violence which has left 200 Palestinians and over 30 Israelis dead.

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Why buy electricity if you can steel it from Israel? The money Palestinian "company's" s collect from their electricity customers are needed to buy weapons, bribe politicians and fund anti Israel terrorism. Why pay Israel any bills. it is the enemy. There is only one question remaining: why does Israel still deliver any electricity at all ?

So, Palestinians families are in for another vindictive Jewish-Israeli kicking.

Vindictive?? How about slimy PA thieves stop lining their pockets with aid money and pay their bills? Even better, how about investing the money into power stations instead of paying the families of terrorists? How about the Palestinians actually grow up and take some responsibility for themselves?!

Oh, thousands of Israeli Arab and Israeli Christian citizens feel the same way...not just the Jews, Michael Farmer. I don't see Israel's Arab Supreme Court judge overruling this? You can't keep on blaming the Jews for everything...

no, Michael, the palestinians are ruled by the PA and hamas. Certain areas are controlled by Israel as per the Oslo Accords. "Jewish-Israel" is not more accurate - it's a bigotted attempt to single out only Jewish Israelis (do you hate the arab IDF soldiers as much too?!). There are many influential arab (muslim and christian) Israeli citizens and 20% of its population are tax payers who thus have equal say in both municipal and general elections. But you singling out the "Jews" is just predictable and typical. You honestly think that Israel blows up stuff for sport? when hamas stop acting like savages, lobbing rockets over the border, and demanding the destruction of Israel, then perhaps things will be different. But don't hold your breath while the PA and hamas thieves line their pockets and build their tunnels with EU/UK/US/UN/Arab aid money. Shameful really.

"no, Michael, the palestinians are ruled by the PA and hamas." Not so, they are ruled by Israel, policed by the PA and Hamas on their behalf. "You honestly think that Israel blows up stuff for sport?" Yes, hence the vast destruction visited on the citizens, crops, animals and infrastructure of Gaza. They destroyed the airport too for vindictiveness.

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