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Relaying press releases and revisiting the Gaza war: Hebrew-language media review


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Hebrew Media Review
Jessi Satin/i24newsHebrew Media Review

Headlines and editorials from major Hebrew-language dailies and news sites: July, 2016

The Walla! News web portal reports on allegations of horrifying sexual abuse purported to have taken place at an ultra-Orthodox Torah seminary in Tel Aviv. The crackdown saw five Torah instructors and the institution's director detained and remanded by police.

The Netanyahu-friendly Yisrael Hayom daily dutifully relays the Prime Minister Residence's retort to the latest bout of criticism by Moshe Ya'alon, the former defense minister sacked by Netanyahu earlier this year. After Ya'alon states that "where there's no faith in the leader, there's no leadership," the official response was to way the former DM "will do everything to remind the public of his existence."

Writing in the liberal Haaretz, Ari Shavit has good news for America - you're not worse than the others for nominating Trump for president. "In Israel, Britain and throughout Europe, a kind of Western Spring has taken hold. A political-economic agenda that has ceased to function has led to an outbreak of forces that undermine societal order. Because of this, liberal democracy is in distress. Because of this, rationality is in crisis. There’s a growing attack on the political freedom that failed and on the economic freedom that failed and on reason itself. Political clowns become stars. Inciters and demagogues become heroes. The viruses of the reality-show culture are attacking society and turning the public arena into a circus ring."

Also in Haaretz, Gideon Levy revisits one of the darkest chapters of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Gaza war of the summer of 2014. Pointing out the death toll among Palestinian children was a heartbreaking 546, the columnist charges that "The figures that should have haunted Israeli society and keep it awake at night – that should have sparked a stormy public debate and shaken it– are of no interest at all. Any natural disaster at the end of the world would have evoked more human feelings here than this slaughter, which Israel committed an hour’s drive from Tel Aviv."