Int'l community questioning if it can trust Israel, French envoy says

Hélène Le Gal
French ambassador says path the govt is taking now 'is not leading to peace and is not leading to a solution'

The international community is beginning to question whether it can trust Israel after it passed a law retroactively legalizing thousands of homes built of private Palestinian land, French Ambassador Hélène Le Gal said Wednesday.

Speaking to Israel's Army Radio, Le Gal said that the legislation passed late Monday "is troubling for the international community, who is wondering if they should trust Israel when Israel says it’s ready to discuss with its neighbor, the Palestinians, to reach an agreement on the two-state solution.”

Le Gal recalled that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had said "several times" that he is in favor of a solution with two states, however the path that the government is taking now "is not leading to peace and is not leading to a solution."

“The land we are talking about is private land, so the Knesset cannot legislate on this land. If there is a will from Israel to take this land, there has to be a true discussions with the Palestinians, and not unilateral decisions,” she added.

The interview with Ambassador Le Gal comes a day after Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas met with French President Francois Hollande in Paris.

In a press conference after the meeting, Abbas labelled the Israeli law an "attack against our people".

"Our goal is peace, but Israel is working from the basis of a single state," he added.

Speaking alongside Abbas, French Hollande said: "I want to believe that Israel and its government will reconsider this law."

Israel faced broad international criticism over the new law, including from Britain, France, the United Nations, the European Union and its neighbor Jordan. The United States has yet to comment.



At least nobody has to question trusting the French...... Only a fool trusts the French

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