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Indictment says Arab teen assaulted in 'racist' attack by Jewish teens

FILE - An Israeli woman and her child walk through the market in downtown Jerusalem, Thursday, Feb. 4, 2010.
AP Photo/Tara Todras-Whitehill
An 18 year-old Jewish man was charged with racially motivated assault

A Jewish teen was charged on Sunday over what prosecutors will allege was a racially motivated assault on an Arab man in Jerusalem who was walking down the street with a Jewish woman.

The victim, identified as Muhammed, suffered wounds in the head, stomach back and legs after being attacked by three youths near Jerusalem's iconic Machane Yehuda market on Monday evening, according to an indictment filed by state prosecutors in the Jerusalem District Court on Sunday.

In the indictment, prosecutors said that Muhammed was walking down Agripas Street in the center of the city, with 'AA' a female Jewish co-worker at the market, when he was approached by Yechiel Wissenstern -- a resident of the predominantly ultra-Orthodox settlement of Modi'in Illit -- who asked him for a cigarette.

Muhammed refused, according to the indictment, and the 18-year old Wissenstern then asked the woman if she was Jewish. When she replied that she was, the Jewish teen asked Muhammed why he was with her, and as he explained that they worked together, the suspect took a knife out of his pocket as said "you are going out with Jewish girls. We will f*** you up today."

The three teens then chased Muhammed. When they caught up with him, at least one of them physically assaulted him before passers-by intervened. 

Wissenstern was charged with racially motivated assault and the state attorney's office requested that he be remanded in custody until the matter goes to trial.

At least twenty attacks against Arabs in Jerusalem were document between 2014 and 2016, Ynet reported last year.

Many of the attacks are unprovoked -- they often come about because the assailants hear them speaking Arabic in the street -- and others are reportedly perpetrated, like Monday's, by those who object to relationships between Arab males and Jewish women.



I am very pleased to see racist attacks prosecuted by the State of Israel. Now, in the spirit of fair play, when will the Palestinian Authority begin prosecuting racist attacks where Jews are attacked within their areas of control?

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