Quantcast i24NEWS - Israeli army could act if world fails to stem Iran nuclear ambitions: minister

Israeli army could act if world fails to stem Iran nuclear ambitions: minister

The US administration complains that the Iran nuclear deal did not rein in Tehran's missile program, but the deal's other signatories argue it should be limited to the nuclear issue
Intelligence minister says Israel would consider unilateral action to prevent Iran from getting nuclear bomb

Israel's Intelligence Minister Israel Katz said on Thursday that the country would consider taking unilateral military action to ensure its arch-foe Iran never obtains nuclear weapons.

"If international efforts led these days by US President Trump don’t help stop Iran attaining nuclear capabilities, Israel will act militarily by itself," Katz told Reuters in an interview from Japan, where he is currently holding talks with government officials in an effort to galvanize support for Trump's hardline stance towards the Islamic Republic.

Trump earlier this month refused to re-certify Iran's compliance with the 2015 nuclear agreement signed with world powers, kicking the fate of the accord to Congress against the advice of allies who have vowed to uphold the deal.

The decision was part of a new strategy for dealing with what Trump called the "Iranian dictatorship, its sponsorship of terrorism, and its continuing aggression in the Middle East and all around the world."

"There are changes that can be made (to the agreement) to ensure that they will never have the ability to have a nuclear weapon," Katz told Reuters.


Katz said that Israel wants the agreement changed to eliminate the so-called "sunset clause" which sets an expiration date after which Iran will be able to enrich enough uranium to make weapons-grade nuclear material.

He also called for sanctions targeting Iran's ballistic missiles program and to stem its growing influence in Syria through its backing of Hezbollah.

"We will not allow Iran to transform Syria into forward base sea harbors, air bases and Shia militias," he told Reuters. "We will act together with the United States and other countries in the world until they stop the ballistic missiles that threaten Israel."

"I asked the Japanese government to support steps led by President Trump to change the nuclear agreement," Katz said.

Katz's visit to Japan comes ahead of a scheduled visit to the country by Trump on November 5, during which he will meet with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

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There's something very important in which the world has to get along: it is that if Israel attacks Iran in order to prevent them get Nuclear Bomb/Weapon, nor USA, nor RUSSIA, nor CHINA or any other country has to intervain. May this war be only between Israel and Iran. The only action that U.N could do would be to bring both of on a negociation table for peace, if this U.N is able of it of course.

The better way to attack a country and winning the diplomatic game at the same time is: 1) Secretly attacking it (Strong, intensive and powerful Cyber-attack to begin); this measure will firstly reach the objective to seriously warn your advesary; If instead of slowing down its action or even backing, it pursuits on its disturbing way: 2) Aways secretly, sending him an military organization that will have the goal to destabilize it from the inside as long as it goes on its dangerous adventure. While this one will accuse you to be behind all these attcks, merely and officially telling him that if it keeps on its illegal nuclear adventure, you will not hesitate to officially and seriously attack it, taking as witness the International Community.

US Administration must really from a way as from an other one make North-Korea an example, just in order to warn Iran about the potential consequences to illegally get the nuclear weapon.

The fact is that Iran think to be in a stronger position after North-Korea to illegally get some nuclear bombs. From now on, US State have to present its future actions against North-Korea as well an example as a warning addressed Iran about its potential nuclear intentions.

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