Quantcast i24NEWS - Court hands life sentences to Sarona shooting perpetrators

Court hands life sentences to Sarona shooting perpetrators

The site of the terror attack in which two Palestinian gunmen killed four patrons of the Sarona market in Tel Aviv a day earlier, June 9 2016
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Court also ruled that the attackers would compensate victims families 258,000 NIS

The Tel Aviv District Court, on Wednesday, handed life sentences plus an additional 60 years in prison, to the three perpetrators responsible for the shooting at Sarona Market in June 2016 which killed four people and injured a number of others.

The court ruled that the attackers would compensate each of the victims families with 258,000 NIS, with families of those injured also receiving a sum of money.

The three men— Muhammad Mahamrah, Khalid al-Mahamrah and Younes Zayn— were convicted last month of four murders and 41 counts of attempted murder for the deadly killing of Ido Ben-Ari, 42, Dr Michel Feige, 58 and Mila Mishayev, 32.

Ilana Nave, 39, was the fourth victim who fled the attack following the shooting and was discovered unconscious away from food market.

The Mahamrah cousins were charged with opening fire at the restaurant whilst Zain, their friend from Yatta, was eventually dissuaded from carrying out the attack due to financial debts.

Jessi Satin/i24news

An indictment filed against the men declared that the attack was inspired by the Islamic State Group. Mahmoud Mahamrah had reportedly become an Islamic State supporter while studying in Jordan before he returned to his hometown of Yatta, South of Hebron, in January 2016 .

The attack, which killed four Israelis and injured 16 others, was one of the worst terror attacks in a months-long wave of violence. Chilling video footage from a security camera inside the Max Brenner restaurant showed two men in black suits spraying the room with bullets as panicked civilians attempt to flee, some being shot at close range.

The Israel Defense Force (IDF) completed the demolition of Khaled Mahamra’s room in his residence a few weeks back, following an authorization by the Supreme Court in July 2016 to demolish two out of the three attackers homes in Kfar Yatta. However human rights group criticize this policy of deterrence used by Israel as ‘collective punishment’ that they argue forces others to suffer for crimes not committed by them.


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