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Netanyahu vows to continue to lead Israel despite indictment recommendations

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who has repeatedly said he has done nothing wrong, is not expected to resign
Last week police reportedly decided to recommend an indictment in Case 1000, but Case 2000 was less clear

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he would continue to lead Israel despite the police recommendations to indict him for bribery, fraud, and breach of trust in two corruption cases, which were leaked prior to their publication on Tuesday night.

"The only thing that interests me is the good of the country," the Prime Minister emphasized, and repeated his familiar mantra that the police recommendations "will end with nothing."

Netanyahu referred to fifteen different probes that were opened against him intended to lead to his downfall and said that the majority of police recommendations fall by the wayside, suggesting the attorney general's office would not follow through on them.

He was not shy in calling out the police for having ulterior motives, referring to "ludicrous notions" that he had hired private investigators to dig up dirt on the police involved in his cases.

The Prime Minister lashed out against the police previously and once again reiterated their inability to be objective in delivering their recommendations.

Sources close to Netanyahu reportedly blamed the police for leaking information ahead of the official publication of the recommendations, calling it 'outrageous'.

There were speculations that Israel Police pushed to get the recommendations out as soon as possible in order to avoid further delay tactics, such as the petition filed by attorney Yossi Fuchs to the Supreme Court, which essentially argued that police should not publish a recommendation in cases where the prime minister is a suspect.

Gali TIBBON (AFP/Archives)

The premiere also addressed specific allegations in the cases, including from his former finance minister and current parliament member, Yair Lapid, who testified against him to suggest that a bill was passed to benefit Hollywood producer Arnon Milchen in exchange for expensive gifts.

Netanyahu vehemently denied the allegations, saying he voted against the supposed bill to benefit the Israeli producer, who he countered was a friend of Lapid.

He defended his actions to help Milchen with a visa situation in the United States as a "duty of the prime minister to help anyone who was hurt by a special service they performed in favor of Israel", and invoked the late Shimon Peres in similarly receiving flack as prime minister for helping Milchen with his visa.

"I am sure that the truth will come to light and that in the next elections I will once again win your loyalty, with the help of God," the Prime Minister concluded his speech.

Anticipation grew just one day after Israel’s Supreme Court rejected a petition that sought to prevent the publication of Israel Police's recommendations on the Case 1000 and Case 2000 involving bribery, fraud, and breach of public trust against the Prime Minister.

Case 1000 centers on suspicions that Netanyahu received gifts such as expensive champagne and cigars from wealthy businessmen including film producer Arnon Milchan and Australian casino mogul James Packer, in exchange for favorable government treatment.

In Case 2000, police are reportedly examining conversations with newspaper proprietor Noni Mozes, leaked excerpts of which were sensationally broadcast on Israeli television earlier this year, which revealed an alleged quid pro quo' arrangement with the Yedioth Ahronoth publisher to limit circulation of the newspaper's main rival in exchange for more favorable coverage.

The petition sought to have the court examine the process whereby police transfer case files to the State Attorney's office alongside a recommendation on whether to lay charges, but the Court dismissed it on the grounds that it had previously passed judgement on the system of recommendations and upheld its lawfulness.

Last week police reportedly decided that they would recommend an indictment in the former case, but the second required further examination.



How childish can a Man become?. Cant all see that Bibi has to be aware of his opponnents who seek a " different " form of LEADERSHIP quite AMPLE demostrated, and its childish to acuse Him of smo,ing cigars, or taking bribes, whe HE has fluently de,ostrated HIS intention and commitmment to a GREATER country!, yes He has had to negociate some issues, perhaps bothering to some, but Hes politica have only PISITIVE outcomes YET to Israel, let him finish is outstanding JOB, like not ma y othrs beffore.. Things will acomodate into a Greatness, never imagined!,, im shur Hes willing to set his own life for those outstanding positions, resultas... Just see results!

Democracy at work. None have it in west Asia.

Ronnie alscheich the head of the police needs to be arrested and tried for sedition with all the other senior police officers after pm netanyahu. This is no different then the fbi after President trump

His name is MilchAn not Milchen. We are not related!

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