3 Palestinian gunmen killed, illegal weapons seized in Israeli operation


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Israeli soldiers during an overnight operation in the West Bank to locate illegal weapons.
IDF Spokesperson's UnitIsraeli soldiers during an overnight operation in the West Bank to locate illegal weapons.

Israeli forces were operating in Jenin overnight to search for illegal weapons when they came under fire

Three Palestinian gunmen were killed Friday morning after Israeli forces responded to gunfire during a West Bank operation to search for illegal weapons, AFP reported.

According to the Palestinian news agency Wafa, three men were killed and eight others wounded in Jenin.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said in a statement that soldiers identified a suspicious vehicle stationed at the side of a road when gunmen started firing at troops from inside the vehicle. The soldiers responded with live fire.

Israeli forces were operating in two locations overnight in the Jenin Refugee Camp to locate and confiscate illegal weapons. The deadly exchange of gunfire occurred in the second location.

IDF Spokesperson's Unit
IDF Spokesperson's UnitIllegal weapons confiscated during an overnight IDF operation in the Jenin Refugee Camp.

Palestinian gunmen also fired at IDF soldiers in the first location and hurled explosive devices at them. The troops also responded with live fire.

After the exchange of gunfire in the second location that left the three Palestinian gunmen dead, the IDF said that illegal weapons were confiscated inside the vehicle including two M-16 rifles, a "Carlo" submachine gun, loaded magazines and a military vest.

The Israeli army has increased activity in Jenin and other parts of the West Bank in response to a series of deadly terrorist attacks in Israel in recent months that claimed the lives of 19 people.

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