Leaked U.S. document: 'Israel trained to carry out an attack on Iran last February'


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Iran's national flag waves in Tehran, Iran.
AP Photo/Vahid Salemi, FileIran's national flag waves in Tehran, Iran.

"Israel conducted a major air maneuver, the purpose of which was apparently to simulate an attack on the Iranian nuclear program'

In a report on Saturday morning, Israeli website Ynet released a new file from the leaked Pentagon documents that include matters related to Israel and Iran, including an air training exercise, according to the Americans, conducted almost two months ago.

The document from the head of national intelligence, classified as top secret and distributed on February 23, was produced according to the code appearing in it using Sigint - a program for intercepting the transmission of electronic signals. 

In addition, it was coded as the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), which means that the special secret court authorizing sensitive surveillance of US intelligence dealt with this issue.

According to the document, "The CIA does not know what Israel's plans are in the near future, and what its intentions are. Israel may wait to see what the reaction of the United States and the international community will be to the findings of the International Atomic Energy Agency regarding Iran's nuclear program and whether the Iranian supreme leader He will agree to enrich uranium to the level required for a nuclear weapon, before you decide whether to act."

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In the document, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is referred to, and it is written that he “believes that Israel should attack Iran to deter its nuclear program. But he faces diminishing military capacity in his country to try to roll back Iran’s enrichment program.”

When the CIA mentions Netanyahu's "diminished military ability" to attack Iran's enrichment facilities, it is apparently referring to the protests and threats of Air Force pilots over the judicial reforms.

According to another document disclosed here for the first time, which was also written on February 23, the Revolutionary Guards’ Quds Force and Shiite militias exploited aid shipments for earthquake victims in Syria to smuggle weapons to the Iranians. 

The document stated that Israel sometimes attacks Iranian arms shipments destined for Lebanon and Syria, while Iran claims that the shipments contain humanitarian equipment.

The assessment, written at the end of the document, states that “the need for assistance in Syria may have provided Iran and the militias with an opportunity to hide and increase arms transfers next month. Israel will likely continue to thwart Iranian arms transfers, but that will require more specific intelligence approval before aid shipments are attacked, given the interest in the assistance effort.”

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